NYC Bucket List – Meatball Shop, Highline, Standard Biergarten and Billy’s Bakery

The countdown to leaving NY is at 87 days (more than half of which will be in Long Island). So I, along with my roommate and friend Annie have decided to make our NYC bucket lists. It includes all of the things that we have wanted to do but never gotten around to as well as things that we want to do again, just to remember it one last time.

So this Memorial Day I got together with my friend Sara H. to start crossing some of those things off the list, without spending a lot of money of course!

FIRST STOP – The Meatball Shop

I have been trying to go to the Meatball Shop for over a year, after heading about it from a few friends. A restaurant completely dedicated to meatballs? How could I pass that up. So we made this the first stop on our journey. I have the original beef meatballs with spicy meat sauce (you can mix and match) and a side of spinach. Sara had three slides – original with tomato sauce, pork with mushroom sauce – THE BEST ONE! – and the special buffalo chicken and blue cheese.

Everything was phenomenal. Especially the bread on the sliders. I thought it was going to be too heavy, so I opted for the naked balls (tee hee) instead, but they were actually very light and the right amount of filling. Do trying their Root Beer on tap – so good!

We decided to stick around for dessert as well, as it was super sticky outside and the ice cream sandwiches sounded amazing! After much debate we went with the chocolate chip cookie and caramel ice cream and started devouring it before I could even take the picture. Yumm! Reminded me of Cool Haus. The meal came in at $20.33 each with tax and top included. Not bad!

SECOND STOP – The Highline

We walked off our meal a bit on the Highline then found somewhere shady to sit and chat for a bit. If you don’t know about it, it is a public park created in place of old above ground freight rail line on the Westside of Manhattan. It runs from Ganzevoort Street (home of the Ganzevoort Hotel) to 34th Street. Best part about the Highline? Beside the breathtaking views of Manhattan and the Hudson River, it’s FREE. That’s definitely on budget.

THIRD STOP – Standard Biergarten

Next, we stopped in for a quick drink and bathroom break at the Standard Biergarten (just below the voyeuristic Standard Hotel). For $9 each (including tip) we got a ticket for an ice cold brew. I went with the Hefe Weizen while Sara went for the Bitburger. They were both good and welcome on this scorcher of a day.

FOURTH STOP – Billy’s Bakery

We didn’t stop moving for long. After a stop at the sale section of Anthropologie where Sara bought a birthday dress we headed to Billy’s Bakery, my favorite cupcake bakery in the whole city, for a quick afternoon treat. I had the yellow cake with vanilla icing. I like to stay traditional. It wasn’t too big and perfectly moist. It definitely hit the spot. I’ve been wanting to go back all year, but with a boyfriend who doesn’t crave sweats it’s hard. So for $3 we got another check on the bucket list.

After that it was back to the apartment for some much needed rest and relaxation and second shower of the day (did I mention how humid it is?). More bucket list adventures to come!

Total spending for the day: $31.33. Not too shabby.

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