NYC Bucket List: Negril Village, Eatery, Lil’ Frankie’s and more…

One of my biggest bucket list items is not going to a particular place, but getting to see everyone that I will miss when I leave in August. That’s why I have spent the last few days filling my calendar to make sure that I get it all in. With my birthday coming this weekend I’ll be able to see a lot of people at my picnic.

I’ll also get some quality family time in as we go check out a great Jamaican restaurant owned by my mother’s friend’s nephew – Negril Village. We’ll be able to use our refined Caribbean palate to tell you just got authentic and delicious the meal is. Stay tuned.

The following weekend I’ll get to see anything and a few TNT friends at the 79th Street Boat Basin Café. It’s a lovely outdoor restaurant on the Hudson where you get get good drinks and a bit of sun.

Later in the month, I set-up a dinner date with my friend Lauren who I haven’t seen almost all year, besides in passing while running. We’re going to dine at Eatery in Hell’s Kitchen, just around the block from her apt. I’ve been here for brunch but, never had the pleasure of a full meal and there is so much more I want to try!

Next, I have Christie’s going away party at Lil’ Frankie’s in the east village and then drinks at Fat Baby and…

…a final roomies only dinner at Uva, our absolutely favorite restaurant/wine bar in our neighborhood.

Not to mention that I am still in the midst of planning a dinner with Sara and Trish, going to the Brooklyn Museum’s First Friday and Hester Street fair with Sara, a get together with Jackie and Jessica on the books, a dinner with Jen and finally trying to get a going away party for myself on the calendar. I think I may have overbooked myself here, but I’ve got so little time and so many people to see!

As for the budget for all of this. Well, I’ll still be being as frugal as possible, but now that I have paid my last tuition installment that needs to be made in cash, I’m going to be a little less penny pinching for the rest of the month. Then back to broke student mode into July and August. It’s the month of my birthday, I figured a little splurge on good food and friends is a good present to myself.

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