NYC Bucket List: Picnic in Central Park, Two Little Red Hens, and Uva

After a quick muggy four miler in the morning, I was getting worried that my birthday picnic would get rained out for the second year in a row. But, my steely determination to still make it to the park must have charmed mother nature because the sun came out and we were able to head to the Great Lawn without a drop ruining the walk.

We found a great stop under a tree and chowed down on healthy picnic fare bought at Citarella (thank Eunice!). The desserts also starting pouring in with my friends.

My wonderful boyfriend made me homemade brownies. They were quite delicious. I had three. I still have two left for the rest of the week.

My friend Sarah S. gave me a wonderful set of birthday cookies from Eleni’s. I tried them yesterday and they are divine.

And Jen, Liz and Christie brought my a blackout cake and mini cupcakes from Two Little Red Hens. They know me so well! It had been on my bucket list to go back here before I leave the Upper East Side, but not need now! I can’t wait to get home and have some more cake tonight!

In addition to the fun cupcake recipe box from Sara H. I got this great card. It was so absolutely perfect. The inside says “I wish you all that minus the exercise.” Even the runner girl looks like me, brown, all clad in pink and purple. I could not have gotten a better card.

My wonderful beau was not feel too well, so after a little nap in the park, he went home to rest up for our fabulous Uva dinner that was scheduled for later that day.

When we did get to dinner we had a fabulous meal, per usual. We started with two orders of the Black Truffle Honey and Sheeps Ricotta Bruschetta. That right two orders. We each wanted one. And then we had the Veal Meatballs. For my meal I went with my traditional Mezzalune. Ry tried something new and went with the Gnocchi. It has truffle sauce on it, so it was of course amazing. After all of the wine that I had in the park, I couldn’t have more than one glass at dinner. After our meal we had the Vanilla Gelato to shate. You can’t go wrong with a good Uva dinner.

Three more things off the bucket list!

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