NYC Bucket List: Pipa

I was a silly girl and forgot my iPhone yesterday and spent the day just relying on my dated work blackberry, so I didn’t get to take any pictures of the latest conquest on my NYC Bucket List – dinner at Pipa. If you’ve never been to Pipa, stop everything and immediately make a reservation for dinner. Located in the ABC Carpet & Home building this tapas restaurant is the best in the city, by my humble opinions. I’m sure that once I come back from Barcelona I’m not going to feel so strongly about it after getting tapas from the source, but Pipa definitely is a good fix in NYC.

It’s crowded and loud and when you look up you’ll notice that all of the chandeliers are for sale. I boldly (or shall I say tipsily) asked our waiter if anyone order a chandelier with their meal and surprisingly he said it happens at lunch time. If I had the leisure of being a Pipa at lunch time, I think I’d be able to afford one of them, too.

My good friend Karen took me out for my birthday (hence the continued birthday bucket list title) and we had all of our favorites – gambas, calamari, piggy back dates, and patatas bravas. The patatas were actually a little different then I remember them. Usually they are four slices of large potatoes with the chipotle aioli sauce drizzles on top. This time there were many fingerling potatoes and sauce on the side. It was still delicious, but I was surprise to see it served differently.

In addition to our meal we drank a pitcher or red sangria and a mixed drink each. I had the pineapple and coconut mojito. It was quite yummy, if you like a good sweet drink. The sangria as always was phenomenal and filled with green apples. For dessert we had the Crema Catalana – which is just Spanish Crème Brûlée and it was good to the last bite.

A great end to the birthday bucket list. I have never been disappointed by Pipa. I hope you’ll try it too.


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