NYC Bucket List: Max Tribeca

Fettuccine al Sugo Toscano

I think one picture is all I need to describe the meal that I had a Max Tribeca last week Wednesday. My friend Christie has been raving about this dish for weeks, so when I had a request for Italian food from an out-of-town friend I was dining with, Max was the obvious choice. I had been to this restaurant once before, at the start of a bad month long relationship that ended with me being the dude in the relationship and calling it off for lack of physical intimacy.

But Max itself was a great pick and I was eager to go back for more, but sorry that I couldn’t when Christie was in town. My budget wouldn’t allow for it. The amazing dish is the Fettuccine al Sugo Toscano – with is made with a delicious homemade meat sauce, unrivaled by anything I have had before. It’s like and upscale Hamburger Helper but far far better. It’s thick and creamy, just what I was hoping for.

I paired it with a glass of Montepulciano, which was also good and not too expensive. We should have skipped the meatball appetizer, just because it made me so full, but that did give me leftovers of my main dish to take for lunch the next day. (It was just as good the second time around.) I completely understand why Christie was coming back for more!

Max Tribeca
181 Duane Street
(btw Greenwich and Hudson Streets)
New York, NY 10013
(212) 966-5939

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    • That’s a good question! I haven’t been to the East Village one, but my friend always goes to the one in the East Village and she LOVES it. I haven’t had any complaints in Tribeca, but I’d say the East Village might be better given the raving. It was quite delicious either way!

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