NYC Bucket List: 79th Street Boat Basin Cafe/Going Away Party

I planned a going away party for this weekend at the 79th Street Boat Basin to get a chance to see a lot of the people I would be missing when I go to Spain. This was also my attempt to limit the spending on various going away dinner, drinks & coffees. But alas, there are people who didn’t make it and want to meet-up before I leave.

My Salty B’s are a different story. I love these ladies and can’t wait to have one final Uva dinner (yes I will go to Uva again) with them. They are the friends that I guarantee will come and visit in Spain and we will have the best time. I’m going to miss them so much.


At the Boat Basin, they brought me this wonderful gift (above) and almost made me cry. The picture frame is a pad that you can drawn on and keep ripping pages off. I’m never going to change it, but it’s a fun idea! They also gave me a bunch of other pictures to swap out. My favorite is this one with the four of us, sans make-up, before our first Marathon/Half Marathon together in San Diego.

We all met through the charity running group Team in Training and I’m so grateful for that. I could not find three better friends and travel buddies. I’m off to start my last full week of work, then “funemployment”!


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