NYC Bucket List: Mercer Kitchen – Restaurant Week

My wonderful  friend and coworker Michelle, took me out for a farewell dinner at Mercer Kitchen this past Wednesday. The meal was absolutely phenomenal. I orderd all of the things on the Restaurant Week menu that are bad for you (read: extremely delicious and rich). If you don’t know about Restaurant Week well, read here. The staff was friendly and accommodating. Overall a perfect experience. For my appetizer I had the Black Truffle Pizza. Anything with truffle is absolutely amazing. I ate it all up. What an unusually large portion for an appetizer!

To continue the gluttony, I ordered the Mercer Burger for the main course. It was amazing. Pepperjack cheese, lettuce, tomatoes (which I removed), fried red onions, and Russian dressing. It was served with a side of perfectly cooked fries in this little flower-pot. I didn’t finish half as much as I hoped to, as I was stuffed full of pizza!

Dessert was a rich chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice cream, the Jean-Georges Chocolate Cake. I shared it with Michelle, as we were both stuffed to capacity by this point. In addition to the meal, I tried the Kumquat Mojito. It was also really good. Thanks Michelle for the amazing meal!! I’ll remember it forever!

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  1. Michelle

    You’re welcome! And how did I not know about this blog sooner lady!? Great pics, by the way 🙂

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