NYC Bucket List: Sala One Nine (Last Dinner!)

For my final farewell dinner my good friend Karen took me to Sala One Nine in Flatiron for a pre-Spain tapas dinner. It’s kind of funny that I’ve been taken out for Spanish food so often before I go to Spain. I like the theme. This tapas restaurant is just down the block from our favorite Pipa, so we decided to give it a try to compare. The waiter was so nice that when I was thinking about which glass of Cava to have he offered me a tasting of the rose and regular to select my preferred drink. (I went regular and it was delish!)

These pictures are a bit grainy because it was dark inside, per usual NY restaurant standards, so I’ll just give you a quick peek. We had the Pulpo a la Gallega, Gambas al Ajillo…

…Patatas Bravas, Calamare, and Datiles. The best dish was the Datiles by a mile. It included dates, stuffed with almond then wrapped in bacon. How could it not be good! The Patatas Bravas on the other hand left something to be desired. The sauce was a sort of BBQ sauce (actually called red pepper sauce) that was unappetizing. I would have much preferred the aioli sauce usually found on this dish. Yuck! Everything else was pretty standard. I would recommend you try this restaurant, but my favorite remains Pipa. This has definitely gotten me more excited for Spainish food! (as did the wonderful travel book that Karen bought me as a present. Thanks Kar!)

2 thoughts on “NYC Bucket List: Sala One Nine (Last Dinner!)

  1. Looks yummy! I think you’ll like the Barcelona food – the bravas are definitely better than the ones you described.

    Before I left, my mum cooked me a tapas dinner so we could ‘preview’ the food too. 🙂

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