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Bocadillo with fig, brie and caramelized onion

Bocadillo with fig, brie and caramelized onion

I have a bucket list of things to do in Barcelona before I graduate from ESADE. No only because I want to do them, but also because I don’t know where I will move to once I graduate (or if I will move at all!). Life is so uncertain, but, it’s quite an exciting time. Hopefully the MBA opens up the world of opportunities that I know it will and I don’t want to be regretting not experiencing everything I wanted to do here.

After a morning of biking, yoga and pilates, my two girlfriends and I decided to check on of those things off the list, brunch at Brunch & Cake, and we were not disappointed. The atmosphere was very hip and we fit right in with our yoga gear and trendy sports outfits. There are tables, but also couches and other seating for couples. An interesting set-up.

I had a bocadillo with fig, brie and caramelized onion, with a salad and poached . It was phenomenal, such a great combination of flavors, but way too much for me to finish. I think I’ll try something smaller next time.

Bagel with scrambled eggs, feta and guacamole

Bagel with scrambled eggs, feta and guacamole

My friend tried the bagel, and my what a big bagel it was, of scrambled eggs, turkey, feta and guac. Looked really good, I didn’t try it myself because I’m not a huge fan of scrambled eggs. Also, not pictured was my other friends meal of eggs benedict that was served on a sweet waffle. Man it was amazing! The combination of salty and sweet was unexpected and done very well.

My only regret is not having enough room to try the cake part of the restaurant name, which looked great – delicious red velvet in very healthy portion. I’ll have to make sure I make space for it next time. Two thumbs way up for Brunch & Cafe.

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    • I haven’t. I’ll definitely add that one to the list! You should also check out Timeline. Great little place for drinks and small tapas any day and brunch on the weekends.

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