Upcoming Travels!

Lisbon source: http://paradiseintheworld.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/lisbon-city.jpg

I’m super excited about next month (September) because I have a series of wonderful travels planed, back-to-back. After two and a half months working hard in intensive classes and at my internship with Mammoth Hunters, I’m ready for a nice long break before getting back into the swing of things with the MBA. I’m taking full advantage of my time in Europe by going as many places I haven’t been, but I’ll also be revisiting a few locations to stay with local friends. Nothing better than traveling and having a free place to stay!

The travels will go like this:

Valencia (1 day) -> Lisbon (5 days) -> Barcelona (1 day) -> London (3 days) -> Barcelona (A few hours) -> Athens (1 day) -> Mykonos (2 days) -> Santorini (1 day) -> Athens (2 days) -> Croatia (TBD) -> Barcelona (Home Sweet Home)

I’ve been to London and Lisbon before but have friends in both and London will be a stop over for an endurance race. The Nike Run to the Beat Half Marathon! It’s going to be quite an intense month with lots of great adventures. I’m ready to get it started, but first the best time in year in Gràcia, the Festa Major de Gràcia. I’m excited for the festivities to begin tomorrow! 

September Travels

September Travels

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    • Haha yes. I may or may not have been one of those happy drunks in Plaça del Sol. It’s amazing to walk around seeing everything being built and how prepared all of the bars are with plastic cups. Gotta love Barcelona for promoting drinking in the street! I’m most excited for the correfoc…I’m ready to don my winter sweatshirts and dance in the fire!

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