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This summer I have had the pleasure of working for the start-up of a former classmate of mine. Mammoth Hunter is an online personal trainer based on the paleo movement. I in no way follow the paleo movement (and I’m not planning to follow the diet), but the training they are offering is interesting and very well thought out. The founding team is composed of a scientist, physical therapist and project manager. They have the background in understanding physiology that makes these workout so effective.

When I first started interning here, I completed a class with Néstor and in just 12 minutes I felt like I had the most intense workout that I had since marathon training. I didn’t dive into the training routine complete because I’m training for a triathlon, half-marathon and tough mudder and I wanted to stay on my own schedule.

But, now after a really great 6-mile run on Sunday despite the heat, I’m looking for a boost in my training to get the speed that I want in my upcoming races. Let’s see how it goes!

18 day to half marathon
46 days to triathlon
59 days to tough mudder 

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