Rock Climbing in Sant Cugat

Rock Climbing Wall

Rock Climbing Wall

I love the variety of outgoing and interesting people who I have met in my MBA program. One in particular is my good friend CD. CD is an entrepreneur from California who never had a desk job. He has a passion for climbing as extreme as my passion for running and he’s a fellow Gemini. Needless to say we hit it off pretty well after being in our first team together. Fortunately, the town when we go to school, Sant Cugat, has an outdoor rock climbing wall where CD was able to share his love with me and my fellow classmates. I had a really good time trying it out…so much so that I now own a pair of climbing shoes. I’m ready for him to get back into town in the fall to climb again!

2 thoughts on “Rock Climbing in Sant Cugat

    • Yes ma’am! My crazy mexican-american friend Cesar got me to try it and it’s awesome. I’ll definitely come climbing with you in December. A little BK adventure for us?

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