I’m an MBA!

After 18 quite intense months of studying, traveling, planning events, forming deep friendship, and taking advantage of everything that Barcelona has to offer, I am finally an MBA. It seems like only yesterday I was sitting at my work computer when I received the confirmation of my acceptance to ESADE (and then closing the door and dancing around my office). Looking back that was more than 3 years ago and marked such a major turning point in my life. I’m sad that it has come to an end, but excited about what is going to happen next in my journey (and I must say a little nervous not having a solid plan coming out of this graduation, like I did in undergrad).

I'm an MBA!

My adopted Brazilian family

My adopted Brazilian family

The best part of the week has been meeting everyone’s families. You really see where people get a bit of their personalities and their spirit from. I particularly loved my friend MN’s family. I now have a new adopted Brazilian family, with a little black baby doll going to their granddaughter baring my name. I’ll have to make a visit down there soon and speak some more poor castellano/portiñol together.

This man was the most important factor in our decision to come to ESADE, Jeroen, we won't forget you

This man was the most important factor in our decision to come to ESADE, Jeroen, we won’t forget you!

The 400 person graduation party that I have been planning all year when off without a hitch. I’m super glad and everyone really seemed to enjoy it. This all would have not been possible without the amazing admission officer whose personality really solidified my decision to choose this school over many other possible options. He was giving advice up to the last-minute and make me feel much less nervous about the job search and being able to find opportunities in Europe. Now on to the next step: the dreaded job search.

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