Eat Street & Barcelona Beer Festival

Eat Street Food Festival

Saturday was a very gluttonous day in Barcelona as there were two amazing events happening simultaneously – the Eat Street Food Festa and Barcelona Beer Festival – and they just happen to be less than 5 minutes from each other in Poble Sec. After waiting in line for half hour, salivating as people came out with burgers, nachos, and desserts, we were in to the food fest and read to split up to take advantage of all there was on offer. The place was packed, manageably so, but clearly there was much less capacity (and food) than people that would attend. I think they expected a much smaller turn out, but the power of social media got the best of them. Here were some of the highlights:

  • Ceviche from Tlaxcal
  • Chinese Buns or Panecillas de Cerdo from Mosquito
  • Sopaipillas (fried potatoes, egg, chorizo, and more) from Merquén
  • Tacos from La Cocina Palpita (This was my favorite!)
  • Alitas de Pollo from Bread and Circuses (Best chicken wings I have had in a long time. Secret was the Canadian maple syrup)
  • Fried Chicken and cabbage from Caravelle
  • Red Velvet and Carrot Cake Cupcakes from Spice Cafe

Some of the other dishes were okay, but not noteworthy. It was well done. I’m sure next year they will choose a bigger space after this success. Friends who went later in the day found that most places had run out of food. There was no way that they made it to 11pm (the planned closing). I’m glad we went early! Oh, and they had pretty decent beer as well. A good precursor to the next part of our day. Now I have some excellent new restaurants to add to my map!

Barcelona Beer Fest

Barcelona Beer Fest

This line was even shorter (probably because we met friends halfway in the line and cut, oops!). Housed in the beautiful Museo Maritimo, this beer festival was much more than I could have ever imagined from a city that loves shitty beer. There were so many different countries represented, this was a beer lovers dream. Each beer cost around 2-3€ and you had your personal beer fest glass to try them in. You never had to wait more than 5 minutes to get another glass.

I only tried 3 beers because after the food fest, that was definitely all that I could fit. I can’t for the life of me remember which three they were but I know there were two Saisons and one Abbey Triple. And they were all pretty good. Next time I’ll have to keep better track. Definitely a great event in a great location. What an excellent weekend!

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