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IMG_5971 Even when it’s not the best weather in Barcelona there are things to enjoy outdoors. Living in Gracia, I am so close to Parc Guell, but I definitely don’t take advantage of it as much as I should. Although, there is not a charge to go into the most touristy parts, there are still many part of the park to enjoy without having to pay a cent. Last Sunday I enjoyed the biergarten in Poble Espanyol with a group of friends. It wasn’t very crowded (just the way I like events) so I we were able to take advantage of a better seat and waitress service. The selection of beer was pretty decent for Barcelona standards. And it also got us into Poble Espanyol for free to walk around and enjoy the limited amount of sunshine. IMG_5974 IMG_5976 IMG_5980 IMG_5983 Another great Barcelona weekend in the books.

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  1. Hello,

    I’m going to visit Barcelona this summer, so now i’m searching like a crazy guy all kind of stuffs about this city. So, it will be a pleasure to read your posts about Barcelona.

    I will be there for 6 days, so i will not have a lot of time to see all that deserves to be seen. Can you tell me, please, what are the best places to visit there in that short time? Also, if you can tell me some good restaurants to eat, it will be great.

    Thank you a lot!

    Best regards,
    Alin (Romania) 😀

    • Hello Alin,
      Thanks for your message. Barcelona is am amazing city. You’ll have a great time visiting. I definitely recommend seeing all of the main tourist sports: La Sagrada Familia, Parc Güell, Casa Batllo. If you can make it to a Flamenco show that is another great thing. At the weekends there are some inexpensive mini-music festivals called Picnic Electronik. Some less touristy things would be to take a walk on Carretera de Les Aigües overlooking the whole city or the Bunkers. If you want to get out of the city I recommend a day trip to Sitges or Castelldefels for the beach. Or to Cadaques and Figureres to visit the Dalí house and museum. And last but not least there are of course the Barcelona beaches. I recommend to go to Nova Icara or Bogatello (skip Barceloneta) the sand is a bit better.

      For restaurants, check out this map I created. My favorite thing to do is eat in Barcelona, so I update it all the time.

      I know that was a lot 🙂 Hope it helps!


      • Oh, thank you a lot !

        I will come back with a message after i will see all that stuff that you recommended me.

        If you love their food, what should i to try? I just know about paella, gaspacho and tortilla :))

        Best regards,

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