I would love to tell you that Zanibar is an amazingly beautiful place, but truth is, I spent the whole time I was there (less meals and 2,5 hours) starting at a computer screen while sitting in front of the ocean. We decided to mix up our location one weekend and take the 20 minute flight to paradise, hoping to be finished early enough to enjoy one full day. As I have now learned, in consulting, no weekend day that starts with working ever ends early.

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Nonetheless, we did go to the number one (based on Trip Advisor) restaurant in Stone Town, Cafe at Emerson Spice. And it was well worth it. Sitting atop an old building, there no more than 10 small tables and extremely gorgeous views of the city (it’s a pity we didn’t arrive to see the sunset). The meal was exquisite, a tasting menu – which I really like because we got to taste many different things. Unfortunately my pictures did come out to well because it was a bit dark. The decor reminded me of being in Morocco, which made the meal even more memorable.


The only other thing we had time for was a quick walk around Stone Town during the day, where we saw some arabic architecture, bought some souvenirs, had a quick lunch (which is very hard to do in Tanzi, 1 hour at minimum every time because it is all made fresh), and avoided a few hippies trying to tell us some maria (which I would have welcomed had I not been with coworkers!).



Then it was back to Dar to continue working our asses off until the first presentation. Oh and I was pretty stoked I got to sit next to the pilot on the way back! Not a restful weekend, but still great to see Zanzibar.

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    • Yup! It’s so much fun. But I’m not tall enough to see over the controls…haha. And the pilot was super stoic and bored. Clearly he wasn’t as excited as I was…

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