Timesburg: Amazing Burgers in BCN!

I have sought far and wide to find an amazing burger in this town and with my trip this afternoon to Timesburg in Poble Nou, I think my search has ended (or atleast reach a high note!). Because I can’t resist queso de cabra I chose the Cabra – 200 grams of beef, queso de cabra, caramelized onions, tomato, rucola, cranberry jam, and the special Timesburg mayo. Absolutely heavenly! Real beef, cooked well and the branded bun was hilarious. There was a bit too much bread for my liking (especially since it was a massive burger!) but that was easily solved by eating my second half sans bun.

IMG_7100The fries were similarly delectable. Obviously fresh-cut and sprinkled with sea salt. The chili ketchup on the table went really well with them (and was in no way spicy. If we were hungrier we would not have shared just one ration.


And adding to the experience was of course the ambiance. Great decor, comfortable eclectic seating. You queue to place you order from a sheet with check boxes and pick a table, but it didn’t feel like a fast food experience in any way. There is even an upstairs to accommodate spillover from the first floor. Absolutely highly recommend. I can’t wait for round two when I try the location closer to my place next week. Yum!!



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