Bouldering in Brooklyn

After having gone for the first time to Brooklyn Bounders with my friend Eunice, I kick myself for not having joined here 3 years ago when she first started talking to me about it. Before the MBA I’m been climbing maybe 2 times and enjoyed it, but never fully committed to it. But, after meeting a friend in the MBA, and I think really seeing her intense passion for it, I wanted to try more and did a bunch. Even climbing outdoors a few times.


So this Christmas break, equipped with my own climbing shoes, Eunice and I decided to have a fun date and go bouldering for the day. Brooklyn bounders was amazing. Super huge space with lots of different walls, even ones with auto-belay, so no need for a partner. That was super cool. I would love to live closer to this to be able to go with her more. But, I made a commitment to myself that I would start going to the gym in Barcelona by myself to get better. She looked really good climbing, so fluid, I want to get those kinds of skills. And now that I’ve bouldered once alone, I can completely see going by myself and just practicing over and over on a day when I’m not on a project for work.


Here’s me taking on a simple climb that got a bit scary further up, but the good kind of fear. After this, I even contemplated going again before I leave for Barna. But there’s so much more to do get ready before I leave so no time at all. I’ll work on my arm muscle strength in the meantime. But, the next great adventure in Thailand awaits!


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