Weekend Travel Itinerary: Krabi, Thailand

Getting to Krabi, Thailand

Because I traveled from Koh Samui, getting to Krabi required more transportation that I could imagine:

  • Taxi Van: Villa to Nathan Pier
  • Speed Walk/Run: Taxi left us at the wrong side! (be careful!)
  • Ferry: Koh Samui to Surat Thani
  • Bus: Surat Thani to Krabi Town
  • Shuttle Van: Krabi Town to Port
  • High Speed Boat: Port to Hotel


Where to stay in Krabi, Thailand

I absolutely loved my short stay in Krabi Thailand! Now here were the beautiful beaches and nature that I was looking for and unable to find on Koh Samui! We stayed at the Centara Grand Beach Resort (check out my full review on Trip Advisor), which was only accessible by boat making it all the more unique and beautiful.

With a natural park behind us the hotel was surrounded by rocks, making this area a climbers paradise. Unfortunately, I wasn’t with climber friends and I didn’t have my climbing shoes with me. I kept thinking to myself that I have to come back here and get on those rocks! There was even one spot (that I didn’t get to capture on camera) that has rope ladders landing into the water and people doing psychobloc. It looked so amazing and fun!

Krabi-Thailand-Vacation-Holiday-Beach Krabi-Thailand-Vacation-Holiday-Beach

We got to experience an incredibly colorful sunset from the beach out front of our villa, transforming from a bright yellow to neon orange to vibrant pink. I could put 20 more pictures of this sunset, but I’ll spare you the repetition. Then again, nothing could be more impactful that seeing it in person. =)

Where to eat in Krabi, Thailand

Leaving the villa at night for mainland Krabi proved a bit difficult as the last shuttle boat returned at 11:30. No late night partying for us! So we ended up getting an amazing meal at the number one restaurant on Trip Advisor, Jungle Kitchen. It was by far some of the best food I have had in my life and the ambiance was even better.

As the area of our hotel was much more beautiful than inland Krabi, we headed back to take in a few drinks at the hotel bar and get ready for the next day’s adventure.  Krabi-Thailand-Vacation-Holiday-Beach

What to do in Krabi, Thailand

During the second day of our stay, we hired a private long-tail boat for the day and jet around to four islands near by (which I can’t remember the names of…). This is where we saw some of the most amazing beaches. I was enjoying it too much to even take many pictures. After the first stop, we completely abandoned out clothes and bags and spend the rest of the day in swimwear hopping from beach to beach, drinking lots of coconut water and Singha, swimming, with a short stop for some amazing snorkeling midway through.Krabi-Thailand-Vacation-Holiday-Beach

At our first stop on the boat there was a cave shrine devoted to fertility where there were hundreds and hundreds of wooden penises of all shapes, sizes and colors. Super random and a great photo opportunity!


Besides what looked like some nice climbs, my favorite part of this beach was the food boats! I wish they had gone to all of the other islands. When we got to one beach later one, the one little shack who sold food was out of coconuts and beer. HUGE distribution problem (…and I don’t need to be a strategy consultant to see that)! Such a killer opportunity missed for this small merchant with all the tourists about.


The boat rides were great. We came and went as we pleased. The guide/driver, however, was not very talkative. And that conversation often went like this “Snorkel?” “Yes.”….stops boat and points to snorkeling gear. But the snorkeling was in itself amazing.

So many different fish and other sea creatures…some that looked like giant purple vaginas, thus competing the journey after our penis adventure before. I wish I had this underwater camera, or a waterproof iPhone sleeve like this one to capture more great images of these creatures.

And, I wish we had more days to spend in Krabi. But, it was off to Bangkok that next morning for the long trip back home to Barna.

I can honestly say, this trip was completely worth the 20 hours of travel back home. (Someone please remind me that long layover are the devil and to just pay the extra few hundred dollars next time!)

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  1. deeeemac

    Great shots! Were you able to get some pictures under water during your snorkel? Also, Buddah looks super relaxed 🙂

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