Now I’m 30, Time for a new Bucket List

I recently arrived in Johannesburg for a month-long stay to finish a consulting project we began at the end of April. So much in life has changed since this time last year (and I’ll write about it when I’m unassigned again). I’ve turned 30, secured my life in Barcelona, fallen in and out of love, taken many hobbies further than I have been able to in the past and had some amazing experiences traveling the world both for work and pleasure. Funnily, many of the things on my last bucket list were accomplished without too much effort of my own showing how putting it down on paper and focusing on what I want brings positive enriching experiences into my life.

To continue the trend I’m updating my bucket list for 30 (over a month late, but here it goes!):

  1. Get debt free
  2. Run a sub-4 hour marathon
  3. Learn to speak French
  4. Get my flexibility back
  5. Get my 6-pack back
  6. Start my own side business
  7. Write my family history
  8. Learn to drive a manual car
  9. Go road tripping around Catalunya
  10. Join a running club
  11. Complete a half marathon in 1:50
  12. Try surfing in Hawaii
  13. Visit my parent’s countries
  14. Buy an apartment of my own
  15. Run a sub-8 minute per mile 10K
  16. Try a new extreme sport
  17. Go to more networking events
  18. Do a Priorat wine tasting tour
  19. Go climbing in Margalef
  20. Go sailing to Greece or Croatia
  21. Do the Camino de Santiago
  22. Travel to Australia
  23. Start learning Catalan
  24. Perform at an open mic night
  25. Start cooking more often (and complex dishes)
  26. Do more travel through Europe
  27. Travel to North Western Spain
  28. Hike a volcano
  29. Go camping alone
  30. Travel to Brazil for carnaval

I’ve packed a lot of travel into there. Maybe work will take me to some places and I’ll have another great project manager who give free time on the weekend. I can’t wait to get back to Barcelona life and start checking some of these off the list!

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