Conquering the 10K

At one point running a good 10K was my biggest challenge. I was doing race after race without improving my timing under 58 minutes. I was starting to get disappointed when I found this training plan from Alberto Salazar and it really made the different. I was just browsing on the Nike Race Coach Facebook page (back in 2012) and saw the 10K training plan from the controversially amazing coach Alberto Salazar, who himself was a winner of the New York City and Boston Marathon before injury took him out of the game.

Download the PDF Here!10K_Training_Alberto Salazar_Running_Plan_Nike

The perfect 10K Training Plan

I quickly downloaded it to help in my quest to 10k domination. You too can download the PDF from the link above. Unfortunately, as much time has gone past, it is no longer available from Nike directly.

It’s a 6 week program, so time to find the perfect 10K race and work back to your start date. I really like that it building in a bit of functional and speed training, as well as rest days to ensure that you have an overall balanced training.


If you didn’t know Alberto Salazar was once of the greatest marathon runners in the US. Winning several of the major marathon until a calf surgery went horrible wrong and took him away from running almost completely. But, in his younger days he added something into his contract that would help him to continue having a profitable career in running even if his feet could not be the star.

I don’t want to give away the whole story, so read about it here. It’s not the best writing (and definitely done with a ghost writer), but it is quite an inspirational story. And what happens later in his life is even more extraordinary.


Why the 10K

After having run 4 marathons, 4 half marathons, and countless other shorter races it felt great to take the time out to really focus all of my energy on a shorter race and reach my goal for the 10K.

Focusing on a shorter race required less preparation and you can be more focused on improving your time with the training.

It’s also a great way to get back into long distance training if you have spent several years away from distance running. It’s not too short and not too long.

Nothing can beat having a good coach by your side, but I have found that this training plan is a pretty good substitute.

How to choose your 10K race

If you’ve raced before you know that even the best preparation is not always the best predictor of how you will feel or perform during the 10K race.

Have a couple of races in mind so that you can build up your speed. Maybe you’ll make you 10K goal on the first try, but maybe you’ll have a bad day.

Having multiple races on your calendar keep you motivated to stick to the goal instead of getting disappointed if Murphy’s Law causes everything to go out of your favor.

I’m based in Barcelona so I’m thinking of taking on this local race in Vilanova i Geltru in May.

And because practice makes perfect, I’m thinking of doing the Cursa de la Merce (September) and Jean Bouin (November), to I’ll work on getting a great PR by the end of the year!

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