The 15 Best Books for Business School Students

If you are in Business School or in the process of applying there are many great books out there to help you learn some fascinating concepts that you might not find in your classes.

I compiled a list of my 15 favorite books that have helped me both in my education and in my career after the MBA.

Here are my 15 favorite business books:

The Lean Start-Up: If you’re contemplating become an entrepreneur this is a must read. The strategies found in the Lean Start-Up are being use many a tech founder. There rely on experimentation and testing to get the best product without spending the maximum amount of effort or resources. Get it here

4-Hour Work Week: Tim Ferriss has become quite popular over the last few year. Now 10 years after the release of the 4-Hour Work Week he is still going strong and managing to reach his goals in the minimal amount of time, by being more efficient. We can all learn a lot from him. Check out his weekly 5 bullet Friday emails if you want to learn more from Tim,  and get a copy of the book here.

Thinking Fast & Slow: One of my favorite books about behavioral psychology. It helps you to understand why people make decision in the ways that they do and how you can use that knowledge in your business. Get your copy here.

Jab, Jab, Jab, Punch: This is one of those marketing books where you have to read a bit through the BS to get to the real point. The message is quite clear that you first need to add value to your customer before trying to sell them something. The book has some nice examples of when this was done well and why. Get it here

Scrum: I think that one of the greatest business skills that you could have is being able to do things faster without sacrificing the level of quality. Making your processes agile aims to do just that and has been quite popular in tech company. Learn all about SCRUM here

The Fortune Cookie Principle: This is a quick read that give you some great marketing guidelines for ensuring that you are communicating well with your customer. It’s quite an easy read and is organized into question areas to guide your decision-making. And for one of the top marketing books, it is fairly inexpensive. Read it here

Seven Habit of Highly Effective People: As the name suggests this book is about forming health habits that help to increase your performance and to get you thinking the like the top players in your field. Get it here and start becoming more effective! 

Social Intelligence: This best-selling books helps us to get deep into the mind and better understand human relationships. It will not only help you to create meaningful relationships in the business world, but will also help to increase your emotional intelligence. You can find it here

Where Good Ideas Come From: Innovation and design thinking have become buzzwords throughout the business world, but it’s very important to understand what makes one idea survive over another. If you’re interested in entrepreneurship, this is a must read. And hey, maybe it will inspire you to develop your own big idea. Get it here

Outliers:  This is one of my absolutely favorite books. Ever since I read Blink I have been captivated by the writing and research of Malcome Gladwell. In Outliers, he takes us through different stories, different scenarios to show us what it took for ordinary people to become extraordinary. Are you ready to commit to become the best in your field? Find out here

Freakonomics: I read this book when I was in my undergraduate business school and I was extremely captivated by the use of science to explore thing we might have seen before as mundane. The relationship between someones name and their success in life for example. Absolutely fascinating. It make you think about what other relationships there might be that are yet to be explored. Get the book here.

Influence: If you will be starting a business or doing any type of sales writing, understanding the psychology of your potential clients is key. And understand the psychology behind persuading them is even more important. Dig deep into the science to guide your copy development and you’ll see that you do have the power to convince them and turn potential users into your customers. Read it here.

Blue Ocean Strategy: You might have or will most definitely learn about Blue Ocean Strategy during your MBA. When you’re in a market place that is crowded and prices are deeply affected by competition you will always be facing a price to quality ratio that leads to price wars. But, what if there was a different way to build your business, where the treats of competition doesn’t yet exist? Learn more about it here.

Contagious: If you’ve ever wondered why certain things stick when others don’t. Why something goes viral while others fall flat. Well this book explores the structure of what makes one idea contagious over a similar but different one. An excellent and intriguing read. Find it here.

Zero to One: And last, but definitely not least, Zero to One is a great start-up journey guide that takes you inside the life cycle of a product and give us a peek into the mind of Peter Thiel, the founder of PayPal. It is a nice way to get pumped up to start your own business. Get it here.

I really hope you enjoy this list and that you will pick up some of these books soon. Let me know which book you want to read first! I’d love to get your feedback.
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