The Running Socks that I Swear By

When I first started training for marathons back in 2008 I would find that after every long run my feet were in constant pain. Not because of the wrong shoes, or stepping wrong, but because I was constantly getting blisters on the arches of my feet because of the friction between my socks and my feet.

I was using New Balance socks, then I tried Adidas, and then Nike. And I saw still getting blisters! So I would get up a few minutes early before going to my group trainings just to tape my feet with medical tape around the point where I would get the blister.

That worked for a while, but it’s a costly way to deal with the issue and the glue from the bandage often remained on my feet.

Aayesha-Natasha-Khan-NYC-Half-Marathon-2012 Barcelona-Marathon-Aayesha-Natasha-Khan(That’s me in white in both pics, running the NYC Half Marathon in 2012 and the Barcelona Half Marathon in 2013)

Then one day as I was putting the tape off of my ailing feet my running coach noticed and recommended that I try Feetures socks. He knew some of his students who were having similar issues and these socks really helps prevent the friction.

So I went to my local running shop in New York City. And a pair of these socks was $13.

I thought to myself, really? $13 for one pair of socks. No way!! But, I had a lot of faith in the recommendations of my coach, who was also a physical therapist, and decided to bite the bullet and buy a pair.

They are white with a bit of blue writing with the brand name.

They fit extremely snug and have a special kind of ribbing in the material across the arch, well that whole part of the foot and it fits even more snug there. They are short socks with an extra tab by the heel to prevent any friction from the running shoes.

I tested them out the next day on my Sunday recovery run. And wow! 6 miles later, no blisters. And it even reduced the amount of sweat on my feet during the run. I felt super comfortable.

I was so convinced after running for a week in these socks that I went on Amazon and bought 4 more pairs (I even still have my receipt).

Back in 2010, the brand was new and I was able to find a great deal on Running Warehouse. But today for the same price you can get them from Amazon Prime and much faster.  

Now, in 2018, I still have every one of those pairs of socks (and 4 more than I acquired the next year) and they are still going strong. Wash after wash, run after run. They haven’t lost elasticity. They haven’t caused me a single blister.

I would say it is one the best investment that I made in running gear in my life. 

When a friend asked a question about running socks a few days ago I just thought I needed to share. Because to this day it is the only sock that I will recommend.

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