Lookiero Personal Shopper Unboxing

I’m probably going to be the one of the first people to post in English about Lookiero, a personal shopping service in Barcelona (the Spanish version of Stitchfix).

In the past year I have tried several different services that are subscription based for trying new products. First was Degustabox that delivers new food products each month for a fixed fee. Then I tried make-up delivery from Birchbox. I like them both for awhile, but I was traveling too much to commit.

When I saw the advertisement for Lookiero I decided it was time for another trial. (p.s. click the link for a discount if you decide to try it!) I really like the business model and since I am short on time, it’s a nice way to try some new products without having to put in the effort to go shopping during the weekend.



I was really excited to receive the package. The clothing and accessories in the ads were really enticing. So I was thrilled to finally get a chance to try this kind of service.

But, I have to say I expected more when I opened the box.

The process of selecting your style was easy and quite visual, but I think they could improve.

You are asked to select the kind of styles that you like, which body type you have, and the part of the body that you would like to emphasize and those you would not.

Then connect your social media profiles and add a few photos, before finally giving a written description of your style and objective with the service.

It was very difficult, though, to put into word exactly what kind of style I have and make it easy for someone else understand it.

If I were to enhance the business model, I would prefer that the users sees many items of clothing and simply gives a thumbs up or down on items that interest them. Then an algorithm behind would select the best items based on what the customer noted that they liked. 

But it seems to be clearly a person just selecting items based on what they think you will like, based on this information and a few photos you have uploaded, you social media profiles, and your answers to their onboarding process.

But, I guess that is the idea of a personal shopper.

Items that I received in my Lookiero box

Here are a few photos of the items that were selected for me. They didn’t quite fit my body type well, not flattering and not my personal style. I especially disliked the pants and white button town shirt with oversized sleeves.



The box itself was nice and sturdy and I’ll definitely be recycling it into something else in the house. It is packed with well designed style cards to help you create an outfit out of the items. It’s nice to have this additional tool.





Lookiero Pricing

I’m glad that the first order was free. Otherwise the styling fee is 10€.

When you receive the items you find out the prices. Something I would have liked greater detail on in the on boarding. It’s nice to have a variety of prices, but including just the one question about how much you would spend on a dress is insufficient for me as a means of knowing what to send me.

I don’t mind a long onboarding process if I find that it really does indeed add value.

Lookiero Refund

Refunding the products was a breeze. I logged into my account and went to “check out” and removed all of the items. The marketing team did their job very well, because when recognizing that I didn’t select any items I receive another discount to try again and instructions to update my style preferences.

But, they also did their job a bit poorly because I also received an email to recommend a friend for a free box when I hadn’t even fully used the service. They should set this to occur after a first successful purchase.

I will update my profile in hopes of using this discount to get a better second Lookiero box.


Final opinion of Lookiero

All in all, the process was easy. After filling in the check out I receive a well-organized, simple email helping me make the return easy, and they already include the bag for the items. I returned the package to the same store that I picked it up from after connecting with Seur and printing the label.

I do like the business model. With some tweaks I think it could be even better. My main motivation to try the service was to get high quality items that I would not be able to find elsewhere and to prevent myself from having to always rely on mass producers like Zara and H&M.

For this reason I might try it again and put a massive amount of detail into my style profile.

Want to try Lookiero? Click the link for a discount and let me know what you thought!

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