How to write a marketing positioning statement?

A good positioning statement will help to unify all of your marketing actions and materials. It give you a clear idea of the target you are looking to reach, what is the main benefit that they are going to get from your product or service offering, and some reasons why they should believe in your product.

When to write your positioning statement

If you have a good understand of your target marketing, the competition, and the real benefits of your product you are ready to get started.

If you still working on other aspects on your branding I recommend that you first start with building your Brand Identity and your Brand Compass and doing a bit of market research to understand your target better.

How to write your positioning statement

Writing a positioning statement is like filling in a puzzle with the pieces of information you already have.

For [target market], [your brand] is [brand category frame of reference] that offers [differentiating benefit / promise] because [reason(s)-to-believe]

  • The target market can be broad or niche depending on your product or service
  • The category frame of reference should be as specific as possible to give a good understand of who are your main competitors and what product or service you are targeting towards this group
  • You product benefit or promise should be unique to your brand and offer a true differentiation from the competition
  • Reasons to believe should be well thought out and credible and enhance your product benefits

Now, positioning statements do not need to be written exactly the same way for every brand. This template it just a good way to get you started in thinking about all of the elements that make a good positioning statement.

Can I have more than one positioning statements?

Absolutely, and it’s quite likely that you will need multiple positioning statements if your product or service is broad reaching. You should have a positioning statement for each target that you are looking for reach, as each group with have a different set of needs and may benefit more from hearing about a different aspect of your product or service.

Tips for writing better positioning statements

  1. Gather all of the elements that you need for the positioning statement and refine each one individually keeping your target in mind. How can you better word your benefit? Are there RTBs that you might be missing that would enhance the positioning statement?
  2. Be genuine and credible. Don’t try to force the positioning statement into something that you are not offering or will not be able to offer. Stay true to your brand.
  3. Keep it simple. An overly fancy positioning statement can make it even harder to understand what you are offering. Be as specific as possible with over complicating the information.
  4. Write. Revise. Rewrite. It might seem like this is a very simple task given the template. But since this will be the pillar of your branding it is essential that you put in the time to get it just right. Show it to others and get their feedback. Refine it until you are 100% satisfied.
  5. Ensure it speaks well to your brand. Make sure you are differentiating your brand with the statement. When you read it does it sound like one of your competitors? If so, go back and refine the positioning statement until you can say it is truly your own.

Examples of positioning statements


Whether you have one or multiple target, positioning statements are invaluable in framing the communication with your customers.

Take a look at the example above to see how the communication can change depending on who you are trying to reach and how the same great benefits and reasons to believe can be captured in different phrasing.

I hope this guide can help you as you start to write your positioning statments. If you liked this article, check our my guide to creating market research studies.

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