Barcelona Restaurants You Might Not Know

One of the best parts of living in Barcelona, and Spain in general, is the opportunity to taste great foods consistently. Here are a list of some of my favorites for when you are tired of eating tapas and want to try something new. From burgers in Poble Nou to Latin fusion cuisine in El Born, this list is sure to make your taste buds start to water and take you a bit off the beaten path.


Timesburg-Barcelona-RestaurantI have sought far and wide to find an amazing burger in this town and with my trip this afternoon to Timesburg in Poble Nou, I think my search has ended (or at least reach a high note!). Because I can’t resist queso de cabra I chose the Cabra – 200 grams of beef, queso de cabra, caramelized onions, tomato, arugula, cranberry jam, and the special Timesburg mayo. Absolutely heavenly! Real beef, cooked well and the branded bun was hilarious. There was a bit too much bread for my liking (especially since it was a massive burger!) but that was easily solved by eating my second half sans bun.

The fries were similarly delectable. Obviously fresh-cut and sprinkled with sea salt. The chili ketchup on the table went really well with them (and was in no way spicy. If we were hungrier we would not have shared just one ration.

And adding to the experience was of course the ambiance. Great decor, comfortable eclectic seating. You queue to place you order from a sheet with check boxes and pick a table, but it didn’t feel like a fast food experience in any way. There is even an upstairs to accommodate spillover from the first floor. Absolutely highly recommend. I can’t wait for round two when I try the location closer to my place next week. Yum!!



Plantain and yuca chips with raw cod

Any foodie will be delighted when they arrive at  Llamber a latin fusion restaurants on one the side of the Mercat del Born. To start try the passionfruit cocktail with caramelized sugar on top. You eat the passionfruit first and it enhances the taste of the drink. Excellent and refreshing!

Everything that you order is expertly created from an interesting combination of ingredients. Particularly delicious was the raw cod with avocado and yuca and plantain chips. My absolute favorite tapa is the patatinos (since it’s a Latino restaurant, everything is changed to end in an “ino”). It was stuffed with the most amazing cheese sauce I have ever had. Tasted like a blue cheese, but I’m not 100% sure what it was, other than delicious.


La Singular


Chicken and Guac at La Singular

One of my favorite places for dinner in Gracia is a restaurant that is a bit hidden on the street off or Plaça Vila de Gracia, La Singular.  This restaurant serves some of the most phenomenal meal you can imagine and does a twist on the traditional. Try the Chicken served with a mild tangy sauce and a side of guacamole or my personal favorite the Magret de Pato con platanos. The place is small and quaint and always has a table. Across the street you can stop at Bobby Gins for a drink after your meal.

Brunch & Cake

Huevos Benedict at Brunch and Cake

Huevos Benedict at Brunch & Cake

Though it is becoming quite touristic, Brunch & Cake is still one of my favorite spots for brunch. The atmosphere is very hipstery and we fit right in with our yoga gear and trendy sports outfits. There are tables, but also couches and other seating for couples. An interesting set-up. My favorite meal is the huevos benedictos or eggs benedict. They are served on a sweet waffle with turkey instead of ham. This combination of salty and sweet was heaven to the taste buds.

Another great dish is the bocadillo with fig, brie and caramelized onion, with a salad and poached. Such a great combination of flavors, but it’s quite a big meal, so bring your appetite.

Lastly try the bagel with scrambled eggs, turkey, feta and guacamole. And if you have a sweet tooth, they’re not called Brunch & Cake for nothing. Save room for one of the delicious dessert. The red velvet cake is my favorite. Two thumbs way up for Brunch & Cafe.


El Jardín


Our delicious tapas spread

I love finding little gems in the most unexpected of places. I found El Jardí by accident when searching for a different tapas restaurant near by. Nestled into garden in a side street off of Plaça Reial, the restaurant/bar is aptly named. The serene atmosphere with outdoor seating, twinkling fairy lights draped along the terrace and a helpful friendly (hippie) staff. It was perfect for a small, quick meal, before heading to a flamenco show at Tarantos. We sampled almost everything on the menu (the picture doesn’t quite our visit justice)…and even cleared them out of cava in just under and hour – we have quite a healthy thirst that day. It’s highly recommendable.

I hope you enjoyed this list of places to dine in Barcelona. Traveling to Madrid too? Check out my post on visiting Madrid like a local.

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