10 free online tools for entrepreneurs and marketers


Project Management

One of my favorite project management tools has to be Asana. It has a super easy user interface and gives you the opportunity to assign owners to tasks and subtasks and sub-subtasks.

One great advantage that I find over other tools, like Trello, is that you can add due dates to subtasks. Additionally, you can set tasks up either in lists or boards depending on your needs. Lastly, the Asana app is easy to use and helps you stay abreast of your tasks on the go.

The main disadvantage that I find is not being able to paste in images and that it is not intuitive how you switch tasks between boards (though it is possible).

Asana works under a freemium model, with many great features available to free users. All you need to get started is a business email.



Design templates

I recently started using Canva to create images for Instagram, logos, and blog headers through this tool.

They have a great amount of customizable templates, where you are free to change the colors, icons and shapes to match your own branding.

More premium images and customization is available if you sign-up for the monthly subscription.



Free, customizable icons

If you’re looking for icons of any type, Flaticon is definitely your go to website. Icons are easy to search and can be found in solid or multi colors.

If you create an account you can also change the color of any icon to any shade that you like and download different formats.

The majority of icons are free but you are limited to the total number that you can download before you must pay for a subscription.

The flaticon team also sorts icons into packs that you can download entirely and sends email with holiday related packs throughout the year.

This is one of my absolute favorite websites. Highly recommended!


Google Analytics


This is probably the most obvious tool on this list. Google Analytics is a great resource for anyone doing business online. It’s works on a freemium model just like all of Google resources, but the amount of actionable data that you get just from the free tools is indispensable.

You can create a dashboard to track all of your incoming visitors, create funnels to understand where you users are going and what actions they are taking, and you can even use it to do A/B testing , the cornerstone of any modern business, with Google Optimize.

If you haven’t set-up your Google Analytics account yet, do it today. It takes just a few minutes.




Many marketers and business people will tell you that the most important thing you can do for your business is to build you contact list. I haven’t found any other free tool that makes this easier than Mailchimp.

For small business Mailchimp is absolutely free with all features included, once you list starts to grow you will have to sign-up for a paid account to maintain it.

Mailchimp makes it easy to create and manage list and even develop pop-ups / sign-up form for that list.

You can then build email campaigns and sales funnels with the drag and drop technology or with your own custom html.

They are even starting to integrate into social media and develop tools to help you create posts and ads.

Overall an excellent experience. There’s no need to pay for CRM tool while you are still a small business, Mailchimp makes sure of that.


Pexel & Pixabay

Rights free stock photos

I’m putting these two free tools together because they do basically the same job. There are a plethora of free photos available online and Pixabay and Pexels aggregate them.

These are images that are completely free to use for business purposes and don’t need any attribution. They make it easy for you to search for what you are looking for by image type, size, and color.

You can even find stock video clips and vector graphics that you can edit to suit your needs. There’s not need to go crazy staging your own photos when you have these two great and absolutely free tools at your disposal.



Team communication

I think of Slack as the Whatsapp of the workplace. Create your teams workspace so that you can talk directly with each member or create subject specific groups.

Slack allows you to send files easily to any member of the team. And save certain information into slack that you can recall when needed. For instance we have the WiFi password saved in case someone should need it.

You can access all of your groups from the Slack desktop app, directly from the web, or from the Slack smart phone app.

They are also based on a freemium model, limiting the amount of space that you have to save files and conversation if you are not in a paid account.

The reality is you can keep using slack endlessly without having to upgrade. Just make sure you save those important files somewhere else.



Infographics and document templates

I only recently started using Venngage, but it is an excellent, simple to use tool to make infographics and other documents, say a guide or recipe book.

Very similar to canvas, you can change images, colors, and shapes as needed from the templates that are available.

There is a wide variety of styles and topic areas to choose from, making it interesting to think outside the box.

I would be careful not to overuse these tools and spend some time developing your brand before going full for the templates that they create.

Like the others, this tool is based on a freemium model. If you want more resources you need to sign-up for the monthly subscription. I find it to be quite pricey if you are not creating a large amount of graphics.

And be prepared for a lot of emails coming from these guys. They haven’t quite gotten the hang of an effective and useful sales funnel.


YouTube Audio Library

Stock sounds

I never knew that you could find rights free music from YouTube Audio Library that you can use in any video you produce. This is another great free resource from our friends at Google.

There’s not a lot to choose from so you can quickly go through the available sounds and songs to see if there is something here that might serve your purposes before having to search for other stock music sites.

Check out this little known resource for your next video.


These are just a few of the great free tools that I use everyday in both my full-time job and my personal projects.

Of course, I have many more paid tools, but I think it’s always great to try free tools and bootstrap a bit before you are in a position to pay.

What other tools do you like using for your business or blog?

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