Climbing in Tenerife: All you need to know to plan your trip

Of all the places I have top roped and bouldered Spain, climbing in Tenerife has been one of the most spectacular. The little island just off the cost of North Africa is ideal for both sports and getting a bit of sun.

This super tranquil island is sure to blow you away and it isn’t full of too many tourists that you will have a difficult time getting around or getting to climb. It feels just like a small pueblo of mainland Spain, but it’s so much more! And, there are climbs for all levels.

climbing-in-tenerife-starting the route




Where to stay when climbing in Tenerife

Since climbing in Tenerife is a paradise there is also a spot specifically build for climbers. This hostal, Tenerife Climbing House is fully equipped. There is a garden with a nightly bonfire and outdoor training wall.

On the beautiful, expansive terrace you can have you breakfast, overlook the island, and soak in the sun. There is a fully equipped kitchen for you to make your meal.

And, they even have their own climbing school if you are not experienced.



Climbing in Tenerife: Where to go

If you want to do bouldering check out Arico and Arico Nuevo on the south side of the island. They are close to the climbing house and just aside some shorter top rope routes to get you warmed up if you are partaking of both forms of climbing.

In Arico there are also many sectors for top roping. You can check out the climbing sectors here, to learn more about which sector suits you based on climbing grade.

Climbing in Tenerife was the most fun for me because we had crash pads as well as all the necessary gear for top roping. This meant that we could easily switch between the two and take advantage of our surroundings while waiting to access a nice climb.





The spot below was particularly beautiful because you needed to access the climbs in a semi-hidden location. With a large thick rope we scaled up the short wall to enter this enclosure where there are a few great climbs. It was also a nice respite from the heat.






Climbing in Tenerife: Getting there

It was just a short flight from Barcelona to arrive in Tenerife. We took Ryan Air and Vueling. Don’t be afraid to buy each trajectory of the trip from a different company. It is often cheaper.

We had no problem traveling with our climbing gear. I had my grigri 2, harness, chalk bag, helmet, auto-locking carabiner, and climbing shoes with me on the plane the whole time. I feel like they are my babies and I didn’t want then out of my sight. (The links are all the gear I personally use.)

We didn’t have any problems going through security. Not even with chalk. We checked in the ropes and carabiners, and quickdraws and rented the crashpad from the hostal when we arrived.




Hope you enjoyed learning about climbing in Tenerife. Next stop is Albarracín. So check back in a few weeks. Are you planning on going on a climbing trip soon? Where to? Let me know in the comments.

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