Avocados: How to buy them and keep them fresh

Avocados have become a huge staple in my life as an adult. As a kid I couldn’t get over the color to even taste them. But now, I can’t about anything better. We always have them on hand in our home. They’re delicious and a great source of good fats.

But they are also a tricky fruit and it is sometime difficult to know if they are ripe, how to store them, and how to preserve them if you don’t eat the whole avocado at once.

So with out more ado, here are my tips on everything avocados!

Purchasing avocados

Immediate consumption

If you want to consume your avocado right away (meaning in the next day or two) make sure that it is soft when you squeeze it gently.

Expert tip: At the top of the avocado, where it was removed from the branch there is a little stub. Remove that stub. If the avocado beneath is green you’re good to go, it’s ripe! If there is a light grey or brown color, put it down. This avocado has gone bad.

Store this avocado inside the fridge.

Future consumption

If you don’t want to immediately, make sure that you avocado is more firm. Store it outside of the fridge. If it is very underripe place it in a brown paper bag to ripen further.

Be sure not to forget about it and keep checking the firmness. If it starts to get softer, place it in the fridge, so as not to spoil.

A recommendation

If you’re a frequent avocado eater like me, purchase avocados of different ripeness at the same time, in larger quantities. This way you will always have a ripe avocado on hand when you need it and avoid multiple trips to the store.

Keep your avocados fresh

Once you open an avocado there can be a moment of stress when you don’t finish it and want to keep it for another day. If you use a bit of lemon juice on the avocado it will prevent it from going brown while you wait for the next meal.

By far my favorite way of keep my avocado fresh is with my avocado savers from Food Huggers. I got them at Wholefoods. I loved the idea so much that I almost bought them off the internet to ship to Spain. Then I thought about the implications of that and waited until my next time in the U.S.


Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 09.23.46

Ideas for eating avocados

Baked Stuffed avocados

Sautee veggies and an egg then mix with cheese and fill in the whole in the avocado. Bake at 170 C for 15-20 minutes. Enjoy with sesame crackers!


Avocado Goat Cheese Omelete

Fill omelet with goat cheese and a small bit of avocado and season with salt and pepper. Cook until the egg is done and cheese melts. Top with more avocado, salt, & pepper.


Avocado with truffle olive oil, salt & pepper

The simples one. Slide an avocado in half. Drizzle extra virgin olive oil with truffle. Season with salt and pepper. Grab your spoon and enjoy!
I woke up this morning with an avocado craving and wrote this post. I hope you enjoyed it. What are your favorite avocado recipes?

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