Weekly Zero Waste Swaps

It’s Friday and I’m home sick from work from all the weather changes I went through this week. This spring has been maddening! The ups and downs of temperature and the rain…ugh! I’m really looking forward to summer.

So I decided to do a short weekly post on the nice Zero Waste Swaps that I used / found this week. I’ll be heading to the BioCulture fair in Palau Sant Jordi this Sunday. I’ll be able to find some great new solutions and ideas there.

  • We recently born an urban garden kit for our terrace. I’m thinking about what to plant. I saw this amazing kit from Uncommon Goods to plant and create your own olive oil! I think it’s the perfect solution.
  • I started a Sommelier class this week at CETT. And I arrived and there are large 1,5L of bottles water for the tasting. Yikes! Glad I had my Dopper Bottle with me. I love that the top screws off into a cup. Great Dutch design.
  • My lunch bag (an old Lululemon shopping bag) is starting to wear out and I need to think of another solution. I love this Lunch Bag I found on Aha. It’s made from waxed canvas.
  • I’m starting to purchase more berries as we’re getting close to summer. I love thes Ceramic Berry Basket to purchase and store them in.
  • And speaking of storage I love these Jenny Lidded Glass Jars from Anthropologie they’re great for picnics and storing items in the fridge.
  • We’re always looking for ways to keep our food fresh for longer since we buy so much fresh produce. These silicone Food Huggers are amazing. I have the avocado ones (see this post). Now I’m going to invest in these. You can also use them to cover jars and bottles.
  • I wish I had this Glass Tea Infuser Bottle while climbing this weekend. While dealing with the sudden hail and cold weather, this would have been perfect to take a tea to go to the climb and the leather hook make it easy to attach to a backpack.

What zero waste swaps have you made this week? Let me know in the comments.

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