Free People now has a fitness line

Working in the health and fitness space makes me quite aware of all the companies around me when they start to promote a healthy lifestyle, and that include fashion brands.

So when I saw Free People decided to start the FP Movement line of fitness gear I had to check it out. I like their products for the style and durability. (I’ve had a pair of blood orange colored jeans, that I love to death, for the past 7 years.)

Though their sustainability practices are a bit unknown (and therefore questionable) I have seen that their products are well made and durable.

I’m the next few weeks I’ll start exploring more sustainable brands, especially for fitness clothing. So check back from some new articles soon!

A peak into Free People’s fitness line

The fitness lines reminds me of the being a ballerina. I spent more than 14 years of my life dancing, so it really grabbed my attention. Here’s a photo of me at 9 years old:


Here are a few of the items like I liked the most:

I love all of the lines on the back of the sports bras and body suits. They are absolutely beautiful and help to show off the form and muscles.

As a rock climber these are great for showcasing our overly muscles backs when training and sending routes outdoors. They make for great pics.

Above line-by-line from left to right

What fitness clothing brands are you looking at?

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