How I got a free bike and other ways to find your bike

My partner is a bike lover, to say the least, so when we started living together we made a pact that I would also get a bike. This way we could go out on adventures together.

I’ve been thinking about it for awhile, but I have to say spending money for a new bike was giving me a bit of anxiety. I find it difficult to make expensive purchases, especially if there are other options.

As luck would have it an almost brand new bike found its way into my life for free! A coworker was looking to get rid of his wife’s broken bike and gave it to me, with the caveat that it needed some work.

It turns out all all it needed was to reset the pedal and tighten the brakes. And it’s practically brand new! So today I want to explore some ways you too can get a bike practically free or deeply discounted.

Fixing a broken bike

Ask around to friends and family who has a bike in need of repair that they want to get rid of. (That’s how I got my bike!)

A bike is not as complicated as a car and repairs are never going to cost you the value of an entirely new bike.

If you can, fix it yourself. We did. We called around to a few bikes shops to talk about the issue and they saved us the trip in since it was a minor issue.


City bike subscription

Does your city offer a bike subscription service? Here is Barcelona we have Bicing. In NY there are CitiBikes.

Bicing even has a special app that allows you to see where the available bikes and parking spaces are. Check for opportunities to subscribe and save the cost of a bike of your own town.

This is a great option if you don’t plan to use the bike everyday. And you won’t have to look for a safe place to put the bike because there are designated stands.

Second Hand Bike Shops

I had the pleasure of passing by a second hard bike shop yesterday as I was walking from home the market. And it’s what inspired this post.

What a great idea! Instead of selling new bikes that cost a fortune, they take the time to fix and restaur unwanted bikes and sell them for a fraction of the retail price.

(If you live in Barcelona, check out Cicliks.)

This is an excellent way to get a quality bike for a good price.

Use Wallapop & LetGo

There are many service that help you connect with your neighbors to find items they not longer have a use for.

Why not check one of these sites for a bike. You can interact with the seller over chat and arrange a time to see and test the product.

And most importantly you give an unused product a new home and keep the circular economy going.

Deep discounts on Privalia & Amazon

If all else fails look from big discounts through online retailers. The wonderful bike I received from my coworker is on sales both through Amazon and Privalia this week.

If time isn’t and issue then use it wisely and search for the best deal you can get. Amazon and discount website often have sales when they are running over stock.

Right now my bike is on sales for 199€ as oppose to the 350€ selling price.


Look at big box companies

Before looking to specialty bike retailers try looking at Target and Walmart. They are likely to have durable bikes that are a fraction of the price because the brands are not well know.

Unless you are a triathlete or cyclist, I think you can get away with any bike just to get around and go on short outing.

And this companies are even putting effort into stylish options, like the Critical Cycles bike from Target I show you above.

Where did you get your bike from? How were you able to keep the circular economy going?

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