3 Apps for your zero waste journey

When sustainability is mixed with convenience it because easier to achieve. Since our mobile phones are integrated into our lives so deeply, that it’s only natural that they should help in this journey.

I hadn’t purposefully been looking for mobile solutions, but along my journey there were a few apps that I stumbled across that made me stop, investigate, and download.

They are all new apps, so still lacking a large user base / product base, by they are a great start in the right direction.

Think Dirty

Don’t worry, I’m not trying to get you to download an “adult” app. The developers of Think Dirty create a tool to help you make responsible, health choices in the beauty aisle.

Just scan the product you are thinking about and learn all about its ingredients. Each ingredient, and therefore each product, it rated on a scale of 1 – 8 on harmfulness to you.

Download it and take a walk around your bathroom. You’ll be surprised to find the rating of the products you are using everyday. It’s enough to make you think about making your own products today.


Olio is an app that I thought about creating myself. It give you the chance to connect with your neighbors to share or sell excess products.

Its main purpose is to cut down on food waste and find a new home for unwanted goods. The platform is super simple and easy to search.

While it doesn’t have a very wide penetration yet, if spread the word you never know how far it can reach.

Good On You

Our friend in Australia are way ahead when it comes to zero waste living and sustainability and this app helps to prove it.

Good On You helps you search for ethical fashion brands. It gives you a rate for brand that you currently know and love, and gives you suggestions for other more ethical brands if your brand falls short.

It’s easy to sign-up and start searching. But one thing I would love to see is actual products from these brands.

Searching through a list is nice when you have time, but a better functionality would be to have a product search. That being said, I think it is a phenomenal initiative and a great well designed app.

Do you know any other app focused on sustainability? Let me know in the comments!

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