Weekly Zero Waste Swaps (June 4th)

Going zero waste is a daily job that once you’re in the thick of it, you never stop thinking about it. It’s not preoccupation, but rather thoughts of how you can continue to improve and continue to achieve.

Having reusable products at home that are durable, made sustainably, and elegant make you want to keep them for even longer. Increasing their lifespan and decreasing your expenses, too. So, I always like to share great things that I find.

This week’s zero waste finds:

  1. Get kids excited about cooking with these child friendly cooking utensils from Opinel. They are wooden and metal make with safety hacks for kids. And Opinel make high quality products that last. I have one of their great foldable knives that I take to climb.
  2. Like baking? I’ve had a set of pink and purple silicone cupcake baking cups for years. I love them and the are durable. So forget the paper cups and invest in some like these!
  3. All my life I’ve had plastic brooms and dustpans. Never thinking about an alternative. The handle break, they warp. So now I’ll invest in a high quality steel broom set for my cleaning needs.
  4. I love this flat bottom tote bag. It makes it easier to carrying jars and bottles when bulk shopping. Maybe you will too!
  5. Wooden tools in the kitchen are stylish and functional. I love everything in this set.
  6. Carry my lunch everyday is one key way I save money and stay zero waste. Check out this cute flamingo bento box.

I’ve also been thinking about sustainable fashion while doing a bit of spring cleaning in our closet. I read this interesting article, “Will shoppers ever really care about sustainability?” It’s about what the big companies are doing to clean up their practices and the reaction of consumers versus what they say they want. It got me thinking made me do some more research.

Right now I’m digging Amour Vert and Tamga Designs.

Also, check out these apps I wrote back last week. I got an email during the GDPR craze that Olio (an Australian app to find sustainable clothing) will start to do ratings of brand here in Europe soon. Great news!

Did you see any interesting articles this week?

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