Weekly Zero Waste Swaps (June 11th)

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. It was my birthday this weekend and we celebrate zero waste style! I also found some more great zero waste swaps to share with you today.  My present to you, Happy Monday!

This week’s zero waste finds:

  1. Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? Well…you won’t know if you don’t have one! This is a great way to keep you bulk (or homemade) cookies fresh.
  2. If you like cooking and baking a nice set of plastic free measuring cups should be in your future. These are functional and stylish.
  3. When we buy eggs from the market we reuse the cartons as plant starters. We put the eggs into their egg holders in the fridge. Don’t have one? If you eat eggs invest in a container the one above.
  4. I love this olive oil bottle because it’s different. We buy our oil in bulk and then transfer it to a similar glass bottle for cooking and serving.
  5. Like cold brewed coffee? Here’s a beautiful bottle to make your own. It’s great for picnics and camping and doesn’t involve plastic.
  6. One of the staples of our dinning room is our cloth napkins. I absolutely love these green linen ones above.
  7. We buy enough for the week so we don’t have to go to often, storage is key. This basket from H&M is beautiful and perfect for storing veggies in the kitchen.
  8. And speaking of storage. Don’t you love these jute bags, great for bulk purchases and fruits and veggies!

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