Weekly Zero Waste Swaps (June 25)

Time for another week of Zero Waste Swaps. This week I found some great new items for the kitchen and for your at home garden. Eliminating single use plastic from your life and getting more natural products into your routine is getting easier and easier.

I especially like this fruit hold to keep your items fresher longer. Banana are hanging as they make the other fruit go bad faster and you have a separate compartment for fruits that still need to ripen, like avocados.

From left to right and top to bottom:

  • Essential Oil Rescue Kit – use essential oils in creating your own beauty products and natural cleaning products for your home
  • Palm Tree Grow Kit – looking for the perfect tree for your garden, why not grow you own with this amazing Palm Tree Grow Kit. And it’s plastic free!
  • Just Ripe Fruit Bowl  – keep all your fresh fruit compact and fresh with this multi-function fruit bowl
  • Bread Saver – I love food huggers and these are even better, bread savers! No stale bread that will make it’s way to the trash. And if it still take you too long to eat it, make croutons!
  • Cookie Spoon Pan – What a great way to have dessert, with an edible spoon! A perfect no waste solution. And delicious too! I would even use it to make chocolate spoons!
  • Hang Anywhere Grow Light – Have an indoor herb garden? This is a great way to get your seeds growing all year long, even in bad winter weather. And the light can go anywhere.
  • Marbled Cocktail Ice Molds – Ditch the plastic ice cube tray in favor of these great silicone ones. They make different shapes and they are classy and look like marble. I think the balls are my favorites.
  • Porcelain Spice Grinder – This is the first porcelain grinder I have even seen! Great for spices, without using plastic!
  • Bamboo Cocktail Straws – The ubiquitous bamboo straws! Personally I see absolutely no need for straws, but if you’re a fan, pick up a 10-pack of these.
  • Woodgrain Bread Bowl – This wood and leather bowl will make a beautiful additional to your table for your fresh bakery bread. Keep the crumbs for breading!

In the news:

Did you read anything positive lately that you’d like to share? Let me know in the comments.

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