Weekly Zero Waste Swaps (July 2)

As we move into Plastic Free July, it’s the perfect time to share some swaps to help have an eco-friendly summer with all the BBQs and parties you’re sure to have. Gatherings are the perfect opportunity to challenge yourself to cut down on waste and show others that it is possible to maintain this lifestyle.

From top to bottom, left to right:

  • Metal Bendy Straws – Jazz up your cocktails and lemonades with these beautiful metal staws. No plastic wasted and they look classy.
  • Epicurean Pizza Cutter– Not only does it look great for cutting your pizzas, but you will be 100% plastic free!
  • Stainless steel cocktail picks – We love having small appetizers that you can eat with toothpicks. These stainless picks are a perfect zero waste solution.
  • Kebob Grilling Baskets – Skip the disposable grilling sticks and invest in these grilling baskets. They’re easy to fill and clean later. A great swap.
  • 33oz Quattro Stagioni Bottles – Serving homemade drinks? Use large glass bottles like these to bring them to your guests.
  • Seafood Serving Set – Having a lobster bake? Pick up one of these great serving sets. The best part is the packaging has no plastic.

What swaps have you made for your summer entertaining? Let me know in the comments.

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Zero Waste Swaps (July 2)

    • Aayesha Natasha

      Hey Leslie! It’s great that you want to start going zero waste. Start slow and see how you go. We started with a week at first to challenge ourselves and see if it was something feasible then went full force. I recommend to investigate shops where you live and see what is most convenient for you. Convenience will make it a habit you can keep. I started by getting as many things in glass bottles as I could to avoid having to buy containers. When the goods were done we had a nice collection of jars for the bulk store. Produce bags and reusable snacks bags were the other essential that we purchased in that first week and really made the difference. Good luck!

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