A very Zero Waste 4th of July!

The holiday’s are a great time to take on the personal challenge of discovering new ways to live waste free, despite any circumstance that might arise. A perfect time to perfect your entertaining techniques as we celebrate Independence Day in the US. Here are a few ideas to keep your holidays zero waste!

Let your guests know before hand

The best way to reduce waste during your gathering is to make sure that everyone in attendance knows about your lifestyle. If they are bringing foot items ask them to bring them to leave the plastic bags at home.

Encourage them to buy fresh products by setting a menu and asking each person to bring something specific that they can find without packaging. Making it easier for them will make it easier for you.

Do the drink purchases yourself

To avoid plastic juice and soda bottles and an excess of glass beer bottles or cans make sure you are in charge of the drinks for the party. You can go to your bulk store and stock up on the party needs in your beer growlers and spring top bottles. Having a lot of people? You can even invest in a small keg from a beverage supply store.

Be sure to make lots of ice in advance of buy reusable ice cubes to keep everyone happy and cool during the party.

Invest in zero waste party tools

These are some of my favorite must haves for summer parties (from left to right and top to bottom):

What are you using this holiday to stay low waste? Let me know in the comments!

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