Weekly Zero Waste Swaps (July 9)

This weekend I took a trip to one of my favorite places and one of the most stressful places on the plant, Ikea! I was looking for some items for organization in our kitchen and to amplify our collection of glass food storage containers. But of course every trip to Ikea come with new ideas for improvement in the apartment.

It was challenging to walk through the meandering paths and refrains from getting many items because there were overly packaged with plastic or completely made from plastic when other materials could have been used. But that all will change soon at Ikea. Nevertheless I was able get some great items that I want to share with you for my weekly swaps.

Zero waste and Ikea

  • I absolutely love this blue basket. We’ll be using it to hold fruits and veggies.
  • Baking is even easier with this silicone baking mat. And it’s cute to get kids involved.
  • I was looking for a watering can for our hanging plants and this is prefect! The small spout makes it easier to water compact plants.
  • We needed larger glass food storage and invested in these. They have separate bamboo lids.
  • This snap top jars are key for our bulk purchases. I bought one for coffee and another for flour.
  • They even have a set of smaller jars for sauces and condiments.
  • This grey felt basket is perfect for storage. I like it for the bathroom towels.
  • We didn’t want to invest in a night stand for our phones, so we instead invests a little in these durable wood stands and mounted them with a l bracket. Instant phone holder. I’ll share pics soon!
  • These metal shelve organizers are perfect for our kitchen cabinets. Our collection of bottles was getting unmanageable. With these we can see everything clearly now.
  • We’ll invest in this wooden stool when we get our own place. Right now we have a plastic one owned by our landlord. But it’s a great swap worth sharing.
  • Lastly, I already had these wooden boxes but wanted to highlight how useful they are in the bathroom. They helps keep all the small things tidy and organized.

Ikea’s committment

If you haven’t been keeping up with the news you might have missed Ikea’s People and Planet Positive statement in the beginning of june. They have committed to remove all single use plastic by 2020. This is amazing news. Great job Ikea!

Did you know that you can get all of these items on Amazon? And make sure you have your prime account or sign up for the 30-day trial here. Prime day is 16th of July. The perfect opportunity to pick up some zero waste essentials.

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Zero Waste Swaps (July 9)

  1. Rebecca Fudge

    I am so excited to hear that Ikea is making a commitment to sustainability! I hadn’t heard that and am excited to investigate all their low-impact projects.

    • Aayesha Natasha

      It’s great news. They are even doing something with mushrooms to replace cardboard packaging. It’s great!

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