Eco at the Gym

Being eco-conscious shouldn’t stop when we leave our own homes. Even when we are working out we should take into consideration how we can live more sustainably. Here are a few tips to keep to waste less while still enjoying a great workout.

Buy high quality or reuse what you have

Looking to make a conscious investment in your wardrobe? If your doing sports, it’s likely your clothes will rip and tear faster. Especially in a high impact of adventure sport. Invest in high quality gear that lasts longer to keep enjoying your gym clothes longer.

Want to make a smaller investment? Check out thrift store and look for sports specific clothes to which you can give a second life. If you really workout often wicking gear if best for your body being able to keep you dry and healthy to workout another day.

Don’t want (or can’t make) an investment right now? Skip the fast fashion brands. You probably have some clothes in your closet right now that haven’t seen the light of day in awhile. Use old t-shirts, pants, and shorts for gym clothes. If they don’t last long, you’ll be happy that you didn’t make an investment and got even better use out of something you already had.


Rewear your gym clothes

Let’s face it. At the end of the day your gym clothes are meant to be sweat in. They are meant to get dirty. But that doesn’t mean you should wash them after only one use.

Use them 2-3 times per week, depending on your activity level before tossing them into the laundry bin. Sock and underwear excluded. Definitely only wear those once. 🙂

Shower in the gym

When I’m working out I try to show at the gym as often as possible. Why? To reduce the consumption of water. The showers in most gyms have a timer that restricts water usage. And if you have others waiting it’s likely that you will not take so much time in the shower. You’ll be surprised how long it actually takes you to shower versus being at home.




Reuse old travel bottle

If you have some old travel toiletry bottles lying around the house why not turn them into refillable bottle for the gym. I used mine until they had no useful life and upgraded to some small refillable bottles from Muji that I know I will have a good long life.

These tiny plastic bottle of your favorite product that seem like a dream when you showering outside the house, are adding to the plastic pollution problem. So be conscious how you use and refuse them. Most bottles can have a second life.


Get a waterproof bag

Nothing spoils your things and create more trash than getting them wet. Invest in a waterproof bag to protect your belonging and your toiletries for longer. I bought this great bag from Muji.


Use a Microfiber Towel

Invest in a high quality microfiber towel that will dry quickly for your gym visits. Having one that fold up small and fits neatly in your gym bag is essential for showing on-the-go.

Be sure to wash them in a Guppyfriend bag once per week along with your gym clothes to prevent microfibers from making their way into the ocean.

How do you keep your gym routine sustainable? Let me know in the comments

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