My 8 favorite Amazon Zero Waste swaps

There’s no denying the Amazon has probably everything you could ever want, even for a zero waste lifestyle. All those hard to find plastic free products at the click of a mouse. If you live in a smaller city it can be the ideal tool to acquire everything you need to reduce your waste and find the best reusable products.

So for this Amazon Prime Day I wanted to give you a few suggestions for some great zero waste swaps that you might want to pick-up from Amazon today. And if you’re thinking of placing an order, do you part to reduce the packaging used by waiting to let your products come in one shipment, instead of as fast as they can, and reading reviews to find out how your product will arrive.

Of course the list can go on forever. These are some great things that are on my Amazon Prime wish list this week.

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3 thoughts on “My 8 favorite Amazon Zero Waste swaps

  1. Rebecca Fudge

    Those stainless steel ice cubes are a brilliant idea! I had never thought to do something like that.

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