Tips for a Zero Waste Shower

When you’re taking action to reduce your waste and consumption, it’s not only about trying to eliminate the amount of trash you use. It’s also important to think about our consumption of water. That’s why I want to talk to you today about showering.

I love the summer time because I can take a cold shower to cool down from the intense summer heat. But it’s not always to easy throughout the year. Waiting for the water to warm-up during the winter can waste liters. So what can you do to be more conservative?


A few ways to conserve water

Take shorter showers

I like to put on music while I am in the shower to keep me abreast of the time that I am in the shower. I let my shower go on no more than 2 song, or 3 if I’m washing my hair.

Turn off the water

If your soaping up, lathering your hair, or shaving, turn off the water until you need to wash up. You’ll waste less water and have a more efficient shower.

Shower at the gym

I mention in a previous post my zero waste gym routine. I always take advantage of the shower there at the end. It saved both water and my time. And I love arriving home with one task already completed.

Shower together 🙂

If you have a partner, I highly recommend showering together every once in awhile. It will save water and it’s quite sexy.

Avoid taking baths

Having a bath fills the entire tub with tons of water and in the end get wasted and you’ll often shower afterwards. Keep baths to a minimum.

Catch the running water

Personally I will not take advantage of this tip very often, but there are many people who catch and store all the running water that is wasted as we wait for the show to heat up. This is good for ultra conservationists. You can use that excess water for mopping and feeding your plants.


Zero Waste Soap & Shampoos

We get our soaps for the bulk store El Safareig. If you’ve never been to a bulk store you’ll be surprised at what you can find and how great the prices are. We pay much less to purchase our soaps each month that buying from the supermarket (5€ vs 2,40€), plus we are reusing old soap pump bottle. Just bring them empty and cleaned to your bulk store and they will weight, fill, and send you on your way. As easy as that!

For shampoos, we are still using up plastic packages version that we have until they are finished. We will switch to either a bar shampoo like this one from Lush or water only washing. The second is a big step that will need to be explored much more thoroughly.

For our infrequent baths, we invested in some bath bombs from Lush. They smell amazing and come without plastic. Just the paper packaging we took them home in. Of course you can bring your own bags to avoid packaging all together.


dsc_0260Zero waste scrubbing up

I recently swapped out my plastic shower puff for a natural loofah and I couldn’t be happier. It take some getting used to at first, as the material is not as soft, but it goes really well with liquid soap and can be composted afterwards!

Zero waste hair removal

Laser hair removal

By far the most expensive option, but the most effective is laser hair removal. After just a few sessions you will start to see noticeable changes in your hair growth. After just two session I went from shaving every 3-4 days, to shaving 1 every 2 weeks. Talk to anyone you know who has done it and they will be singing the praises of laser.

Green sugar wax

Before I invest in laser hair removal, I was getting my legs waxed with green sugar wax. It is a type of wax that dries quickly and you don’t need to use cloth strips to remove the wax. It was also less painful than waxing. It’s one way to reduce the waste of all the paper strips, but I never liked the wait for the hair to grow out, while living in a warm climate. I recommend going to a professional, but the cost can add up.

Invest in a safety razor

I haven’t personally used a safety razor (because of the laser), but I have read enough articles to know it is the go-to for zero wasters all over the globe. If you’re willing to invest the money in a nice durable razor (and are careful) this could be the perfect option for you.

Do you have any other tips for a low waste shower? Share them in the comments.

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