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I mentioned, a few months ago, three apps that I liked related to living a sustainable lifestyle. Good On You is the perfect solution to finding ethical clothing brands that you might not have heard of before. So when they sent a recently newsletter advertising brand Little Green Radicals, I jumped at the chance to buy some clothes for my baby niece for her upcoming birthday.


How is Little Green Radicals the service level?

I must say that I cannot be more pleased with the customer service. I placed the order on a Friday and receive the order in Spain, from the UK on Monday morning. What speedy service!

I recently had a very negative experience from a German company who did not send my order and had very low response rate to their customer service emails because I used a US credit card. And they didn’t even both to try to make it right.

So when I remember that I was again using the same card and contacted Little Green Radicals to make sure everything was okay, the delivery service was so fast that I received the order just minutes after the customer service response. And in the end everything was perfect.


How are the Little Green Radicals products?

The 100% organic, fair trade cotton products are just as beautiful as pictured. The fabric is a little bit rough, but not scratchy, so make sure that your kids are not sensitive.

I absolutely love the pinafore that I bought my niece and it comes with adjustable straps so it will still fit her as she grows. These are all sized 12 – 18 months.

The colors are vibrant and the images beautiful as you can see from the photos. They seem to be quite durable and high quality. Time and use will tell! But so far Highly Recommended!


How about the price?

What’s I’ve come to expect from business with sustainable practices is the prices tends to be extremely high and unaffordable. Thus eliminating many people from ever being able to be conscious consumers and invest in these brands.

This was not the case with Little Green Radicals. Granted there was a sale in progress so I received almost 40% off. At regular prices the total would have been around 104,96 € before tax and shipping. Here’s a peek at my receipt:


Final thoughts on Little Green Radicals

All in all it was a great experience and quite a speedy process. I’d definitely shop there again and recommend it to others.

And if you want to find some of their out of season stuff, you can also check on Amazon.

Where do you shop for sustainable kids clothing? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to give them a try!

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