Bucket List

Every year I add to this list, though really I have a notebook that I constantly update with items that I want to accomplish. It’s not just travel, but also personal develop and career goals. The first 30 are my 30th birthday list. The alphabetical ones are things I thought of after that still want to do this year.

  1. Get debt free
  2. Run a sub-4 hour marathon
  3. Learn to speak French
  4. Get my flexibility back
  5. Get my 6-pack back
  6. Start my own side business
  7. Write my family history
  8. Learn to drive a manual car
  9. Go road tripping around Catalunya
  10. Join a running club
  11. Complete a half marathon in 1:50
  12. Try surfing in Hawaii
  13. Visit my parent’s countries
  14. Buy an apartment of my own
  15. Run a sub-8 minute per mile 10K
  16. Try a new extreme sport Kayaking in Mont Rebei, done!
  17. Go to more networking events
  18. Do a Priorat wine tasting tour Done!
  19. Go climbing in Margalef
  20. Go sailing to Greece or Croatia
  21. Do the Camino de Santiago
  22. Travel to Australia
  23. Start learning Catalan
  24. Perform at an open mic night
  25. Start cooking more often (and complex dishes)
  26. Do more travel through Europe
  27. Travel to North Western Spain Lugo & Santiago de Compostela
  28. Hike a volcano
  29. Go camping alone
  30. Travel to Brazil for carnaval 4 days in Brazil, counts for now

A. Draw and get a tattoo (I know what I want already)
B. Learn to take great photographs
C. Go camping in Aigues Tortes Done!