10 free online tools for entrepreneurs and marketers


Project Management

One of my favorite project management tools has to be Asana. It has a super easy user interface and gives you the opportunity to assign owners to tasks and subtasks and sub-subtasks.

One great advantage that I find over other tools, like Trello, is that you can add due dates to subtasks. Additionally, you can set tasks up either in lists or boards depending on your needs. Lastly, the Asana app is easy to use and helps you stay abreast of your tasks on the go.

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Excel for Marketers: Merging Data Tables

I think that one of the most crucial skills that any marketing, and any entrepreneur for that matter, can have is a good mastery of excel. Data is so important in managing your business and measuring your success, so learning just a few trick with the tools that you already have at your fingertips can help you to be more efficient and, in-turn, more effective in decision-making.

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Making consulting life work

If you’ve read my blog before you’d know that I put in a lot of flight hours. In the last year I have been in 5 continents and countless cities both for work and leisure. It’s a lifestyle that would leave most people exhausted and yearning for a quite…oh entire month on the couch to catch up on much-needed sleep and relaxation. But for people like me que tiene un culo inquieto and do not want let a lack of work-life balance get in the way of living, there are some great ways to manage to have it all, with a little bit of sacrifice. So this post is for all the international business travellers out there who need a bit of motivation.

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