Vall de Nuria in 20 Pictures

We recently revisited Vall de Nùria for the weekend to breathe in some fresh mountain air and escape the city for a few days. It was an amazing trip. Short, but sweet.

Instead of staying in Nùria this time, we stayed in a hotel in the very small town of Queralbs. You get there is the same way of getting to Nùria, but get off at the second stop on the cremallera.

It was a bit rainy the first day, but the sun came out just in time for us to enjoy a nice hike. Have a look at a short visual recap of our trip.

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Low waste rock climbing

I’ll be taking my first outdoor rock climbing trip since going zero plastic this weekend. I’ve made sure that I took as many steps as possible to ensure I am comitting to low waste rock climbing through my trip.

If you too like climbing and are looking for ways to be a more eco-friendly climber here’s a look into how I’m preparing for my trip.

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Climbing in Tenerife: All you need to know to plan your trip

Of all the places I have top roped and bouldered Spain, climbing in Tenerife has been one of the most spectacular. The little island just off the cost of North Africa is ideal for both sports and getting a bit of sun.

This super tranquil island is sure to blow you away and it isn’t full of too many tourists that you will have a difficult time getting around or getting to climb. It feels just like a small pueblo of mainland Spain, but it’s so much more! And, there are climbs for all levels.

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Caving, a thrilling adventure sport

I love trying new adventure sports, so when I got the opportunity to join some former co-workers spelunking, or caving, last year, I jumped on the opportunity. From my experience as a rock climber the movements came quite naturally.

It’s just a matter of going down instead of going up, and managing a different set of rules. While the gear is different the same basic concepts apply. There are ropes, harnesses, and safety devices. And of course a detailed process to guide you safely.

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Camping season is almost here: Vall de Núria, Catalunya

After constantly seeing signs for Vall de Núria on the Ferrocarril, a railroad throughout Catalunya, I was a bit skeptical that our camping weekend was going to be a tourist trap. But upon arrive (fully by public transport!) we ended up in an amazingly underrated campground at the base of the Pyrenees with the most vibrant, lush nature and animals roaming free all around us.

On our first day we planned to take is easy with a 2-3 hour hike, but ended up going hard for 6 hours. A restaurant meal and some botellóning (drinking wine straight out the bottle in public) were the ideal end to the night before tucking away in our tents. Despite my over packing of food, we would have run out the next day.

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Hike Bucket List

The more I’ve been thinking about my 30th b-day bucket list that more things I want to add! Like taking a photography course when I get back home. in a few weeks and drawing and getting the tattoo that I’ve always wanted.

And now I just stumbled upon a great list of the worlds best hikes. I’m going to have to add these to my adventure travel bucket list!

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Climbing in South Africa

The more I climb, the more I feel my body getting stronger and stronger. Since starting classes and joining a climbing group in March I have fallen madly in love with the sport. I liked it before, but something just clicked recently and now I can fully appreciate it and want to become more fearless and take on more interesting routes. I think it comes from climbing with people who are more motivating and encouraging. While I appreciate the person who got me into the sport his negativity didn’t make it easy to fully embrace it. Thankfully my trip to South Africa for work also got me the opportunity to go climbing with a good girl friend from the MBA. Getting out in nature and on the rocks was really zen. I couldn’t have had a better weekend in Waterval Boven. I can’t wait to train tomorrow!!

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Bouldering in Brooklyn

After having gone for the first time to Brooklyn Bounders with my friend Eunice, I kick myself for not having joined here 3 years ago when she first started talking to me about it. Before the MBA I’m been climbing maybe 2 times and enjoyed it, but never fully committed to it. But, after meeting a friend in the MBA, and I think really seeing her intense passion for it, I wanted to try more and did a bunch. Even climbing outdoors a few times.

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