Barcelona Zero Waste Guide

When you’re on vacation you might find it especially difficult to keep the amount of waste that you are producing to a minimum. With air travel you have little control over the trash that is produced in flight, but you can take steps to reduce your own footprint. Then you get to your destination, a new place your not accustomed to and the battle continues.

Many of your might be traveling to my beautiful city of Barcelona for your summer holidays, so I wanted to make it easier for you by creating this guide. You’ll be excited to hear just how easy it is going to be to keep your visit low waste. Here’s my quick guide for your travels to Barcelona from a long time resident.

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Mexico City in 20 Pictures: Pujol & The Anthropology Museum

When I traveled to Mexico City I didn’t know what to expect. But my sensation after spending a long weekend there was, wow this is a place I think I could live.

Amazing food, friendly people, and an incredible culture. You can stay in an excellent hotel, in a safe area, that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. And many parts are walkable!

Mexican food is one of my favorite cusines. We had the change to try authentic quesadillas from a street vender. And also, to eat at Michelin Star restaurant Pujol. The meal was divine, super elaborated and flavorful. And the best part, he price was reasonable!

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Menorca all the tips to start planning your next vacation

Travel to Menorca just before high season to take advantage of these beautiful sights with little or not other tourist competing for your space on the beach. The calm of being one of very few visitors and spending less make the vacation all the more worthwhile.

Keep in mind that many business may be doing their renovations before the holiday season is in full gear, so you might not get to go to the best restaurants and bars. But, after all, the best things to see on Menorca are the beaches!

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What to do in Tangier, Morocco

Tarifa was barely awake when we set out to find a quick breakfast before boarding the 35 minute ferry to Tangier, Morocco. The ferry driver must have been keeping a Spanish schedule because it was almost 50 minutes until we arrived at the African port. I’m happy to say my weak stomach held up quite well through the ebb and flow. But, we made the big mistake of not getting our passport stamped on board. The announcement was very unclear and there was not sign informing us that this must be done on the boat. So after a bit of a stall we were finally off to find out hotel, new passport stamp in hand.

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Las Fallas, Valencia’s amazing festival

By far, one of the most ridiculous amazing times I have had in Spain was two weeks ago in Valencia for Las Fallas. From what I understand from my Valencian friend, this festival started from carpenters burning old furnitures and evolved in the creation of these intricate fallas of things that they local population wants to rid themselves of (sins, bad politicians, etc.), such as the one pictured above. I would have loved to learn a little more about what each way was suppose to represent.

Just a few hours from Barcelona by train Valencia is an amazing destination, especially in March for this amazing festival.  Both the day and nightime fireworks are spectacular. If you aren’t close enough to have ash in your hair afterwards you just haven’t done it right.

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Ireland: The Ultimate 7 Day Road Trip Itinerary

If you’re looking to travel in Europe, Ireland could be the perfect location, with inexpensive flights from the US, the English-speaking population, and bounds of interesting sights to take in. A few years ago I had the chance to take the trip of a lifetime when I made my way to the Emerald Isle for a luxurious vacation, on a budget. Check out the details of my 7 day itinerary including all of the sites, where to stay, and great restaurants (even if Ireland isn’t well know for having good food).

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A Weekend in Madrid Like a Local

When traveling I love the feeling that I am getting to explore a new city like someone who lives here and knows all of it’s secrets. It gives you a chance to experience the daily life of a local and enjoy what makes them happy to call this place home. So when I got the chance to explore Spain’s capital city with a native Madrileno I jumped at the opportunity. You’ll definitely want to take note of these great locations to visit and enjoy an authentic, delicious meal.

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3 Days in Fez: Getting lost in the Medina

Visiting Northern Africa is far different from anything you will see on the rest of the continent. We arrived in the Ville Nouveau area of town where the train station was located and were instantly reminded of being in LA, with giant palm trees lining the main thoroughfare. Cars were modern, people were dressed in Westerner styles and life seemed very different from the city we left behind in the most Northern city of Morocco.

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5 Days in Lisbon: The Perfect Itinerary

I’ve been to Lisbon, probably 6 times since 2006 and it is always a city that I will come back to for me. Flights from other cities in Europe are cheap and frequent and the airport is close to the city center, so you won’t have tough transportation issue when you land. So when I got the change to go and visit with a local friend I jumped on the chance to spend 5 days in Lisbon. So when you’re planning your trip, here is the perfect itinerary planned and approved by a local.

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