3 Apps for your zero waste journey

When sustainability is mixed with convenience it because easier to achieve. Since our mobile phones are integrated into our lives so deeply, that it’s only natural that they should help in this journey.

I hadn’t purposefully been looking for mobile solutions, but along my journey there were a few apps that I stumbled across that made me stop, investigate, and download.

They are all new apps, so still lacking a large user base / product base, by they are a great start in the right direction.

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How I got a free bike and other ways to find your bike

My partner is a bike lover, to say the least, so when we started living together we made a pact that I would also get a bike. This way we could go out on adventures together.

I’ve been thinking about it for awhile, but I have to say spending money for a new bike was giving me a bit of anxiety. I find it difficult to make expensive purchases, especially if there are other options.

As luck would have it an almost brand new bike found its way into my life for free! A coworker was looking to get rid of his wife’s broken bike and gave it to me, with the caveat that it needed some work.

It turns out all all it needed was to reset the pedal and tighten the brakes. And it’s practically brand new! So today I want to explore some ways you too can get a bike practically free or deeply discounted.

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Weekly zero waste swaps: kids rooms

One thing about kids is they really keep you honest. Everytime we have my boyfriend’s son with us and do the weekly shopping he reminds us of our no plastic journey. It we step out of line for one second the questions come.

It’s nice to see that he is learning and we can inspire in him good practices. As we’re still organizing his room and making the apartment more kid friendly and at the same time low waste / zero plastic, I decide to dedicate this post to the kids!

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Perfect your zero waste coffee routine

If you’re like me and you often need a morning caffeine fix before you feel like you can really get the day going one of the first new habits you need to get down pat is your zero waste coffee routine.

In the U.S. we consume about 4,43 kg of coffee per capita (source). That makes our nation one of the leading consumers of coffee worldwide, with more than 400 million cups of coffee made per day (source). Think about how much useless trash that produces. Especially when more sustainable solution have existed for years.

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Our Progress: Two Months Zero Plastic

Time is flying by and we’re reach two month living plastic free, moving towards a zero waste lifestyle. I want to share with you our progress so far, how it has impacted our budget, and generally how it had made us feel. Because in the end that is the most important thing.

As you can imagine, it is impossible to have a completely zero waste home in just two months. We have to use up the things that we own that have plastic containers and slowly replace them with new options. It’s a process to change habits and one that we are more than willing and able to go through.

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Weekly Zero Waste Swaps

It’s Friday and I’m home sick from work from all the weather changes I went through this week. This spring has been maddening! The ups and downs of temperature and the rain…ugh! I’m really looking forward to summer.

So I decided to do a short weekly post on the nice Zero Waste Swaps that I used / found this week. I’ll be heading to the BioCulture fair in Palau Sant Jordi this Sunday. I’ll be able to find some great new solutions and ideas there.
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Zero waste swaps for manageable new habits

We’re a month and a few days into our Zero Plastic / Low Waste lifestyle and it has been a great journey so far. But there is still something that I struggle with when making zero waste swaps and I’m sure you do, too.

Exploring social media and and blogs I see the same products over and over again. And people DIY-ing their own napkins, cleaning clothes, products, makeup, you name it!

And I’ve been thinking to myself. Is it still possible to have a sense of personal style and identity and go zero waste? Is it possible to not lose yourself in the process?

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A greener kitchen: 5 easy and cheap switches

Apart from recycling glass jars into food containers, trading paper products for cloth, and buying groceries free of plastic, there are a few other ways to make your kitchen greener.

I don’t understand the obsessed with trading in their straws for fancy metal ones. I don’t think I’ve used a straw in 10 years or more. But, these switches I found are the most helpful and meaningful in my daily life.

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10 Tips to Go Plastic Free

After a week of going plastic free, I can begin to explain the amazing change that we were able to make in just a short period of time. Our trash and recycling has reduced significantly and we’re make much more conscious decisions about what to eat and where to get it from.

A lot of the lifestyle in Barcelona already leads to be be less wasteful. Most apartment are equipped with washing machines, but not dryers and everyone is used to using drying racks to manage their laundry.

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