About Me

This blog / webpage has gone through many changes over the years. First I used it to keep myself on budget when I was trying to save for business school while living in one of the most expensive cities in the US. Then I used it to recount, to friends and family, all of the adventures that I was taking part in while getting my MBA in Barcelona.

Now as the Chief Marketing Office of a small fitness company, in the Mobile World Capital, and wine entrepreneur, I’m again transforming it once again to reflect my lifestyle and share the amazing things I experience in my life with you, as well as my expertise as a marketer and strategy consultant.

My lifestyle

I love to travel and, due to my time as a strategy consultant, I have been able to experience some beautiful places as if I was a local. I consider myself to be quite a foodie. At home week cook almost everyday and make intricate, healthy meals. But, I love going out and enjoy a great restaurant. The New Yorker in me will always love this.

My zero waste journey

I’m also embarking on a journey to become zero waste, well as close as I can get. I’m still early in the journey and I’ll be sharing all the tips I find along the way. Living in Barcelona with so many small shops with excellent products definitely makes it easier and more feasible.

How I Stay Fit

To balance all that great food, I also love sports and fitness. I used to run marathons, I danced ballet for more than 14 years, but now my passion is rock climbing. I go to an indoor gym 2-3 times per week and try to get outside as much as possible when the weather is nicer. Rock climbing really attracted me for it’s grace and the challenge that you are presented with every time you face a new climb. (That’s me above on the beach in Lisbon, Portugal.)

What I do on the side

I’ll be detailing the steps that I take to set-up my own business. I’m currently in the process of developing a business plan. So if you’re a small business owner (or want to be!) follow along on my next adventure and we’ll learn a thing or two together about marketing, finance, and entrepreneurship.

Additionally, I spend some time outside of the office helping friends set-up their marketing strategies for their small businesses. I have some investments and side projects that help supplement my income (and other’s that will in the future!).


I’ll be monetizing this blog to get the seed capital for my business. So if you like a product that I recommend or link that I share, know that I will be making a benefit. It’s not an additional cost to you. I want you to know that I would not recommend to you anything that I don’t personally use just to get a few cents.

Every now and that I’ll also throw in a few article about some of my favorite things, what I’m ready now, how I stay in shape, health eating, climbing….wine! Afterall, we can learn from every aspect of our lives.

I hope you enjoy the article. Leave me a message below or send me an email at aayesha@repeatonerepeatall.com and I’ll write back to you as soon as I can. Thanks for reading!