After meeting many marketers, finance professionals, consultants, and entrepreneurs in different types of business, I think one of the things that truly defines their success, not matter what industry they are in, is the amount of reading that they do. This is in reading the articles, blog, books, case studies. Learning as much as possible about their industry, as well as others is crucial in giving them ideas for success and helping them to avoid the problems that others have faced.

That’s why in this section I will include articles I have written about marketing projects that I am working on, what tools I recommend for success, and why you should be thinking about these topics when looking at your own business.

I will also be adding a list of resources that I have found especially useful if you too are starting your own business.

Here are a few articles to get started:

  1. Excel for Marketers
  2. Conducting better Market Research
  3. How to Create Marketing Positioning Statements
  4. 10 Free Tools for Marketers & Entrepreneurs